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Facebook co-founder tackles print media

29-year-old Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook, helped coordinate Obama's online campaign for presidency and now he's taking on print media. ...

Intellectual Aliens

Jay Hind Episode 277 Segment 1 - Sumeet takes on the crappy buddhijeevi / intellectual types who have taken over social media. But the ... tags: alienaliensbuddhiintellectualjeevijokemedia

Intellectual Bullshit Episode 277 - Comedy Show Jay Hind!

In this 'intellectual bashing' Episode of JayHind Sumeet takes on the crappy buddhijeevi / intellectual types who have taken over social ... tags: alienaliensbuddhigagsintellectualjayhind.tvjeevi

Reshoring: Bringing manufacturing back?

07/18/12 The reshoring and near-shoring of manufacturing is becoming more prevalent. Cost savings and foreign exchange rates are amongst ... tags: breakbusinesscompanyintellectualnyfpbusinesscenterpoliticalproperty

High Court to Decide if Genes Can Be Patented

Can human genes, or parts of them, be patented The Supreme Court will hear a case pitting breast cancer patients and researchers against ... tags: BiologyBusinessIntellectualNationalPatentspropertyScience

Jurors Begin Deliberations in Apple Patent Case

Jurors began deliberating Wednesday in a multibillion dollar patent infringement case pitting Apple against Samsung over the design of ... tags: BusinessGeneralGoogleIntellectualNationalnewsproperty

Tokyo Court: Samsung Didn't Harm Apple Patent

A Tokyo court on Friday dismissed Apple Inc.'s claim that Samsung had infringed on its patent, the latest ruling in the global legal battle ... tags: AsiaBusinessCommunicationConsumerEastelectronicsIntellectual

All is Well That's Intellectual in The End - The Sadma Awards - Part 4-

The Fourth Final Part of the Hilarious Sadma Awards instituted by Jayhind.TV to dishonor 'the most disgusting achievements of the year' ... tags: allendintellectualthatsthewell

Laura Marano: Disney's New Star

Star of Disney's 'Austin and Ally' Laura Marano talks about her own musical talents, and reveals her friends are finally aware she's an ... tags: BusinessCopyrightEnglandEntertainmentEuropeIntellectualKingdom

Empire - Extra: US intellectual property

America's education system is broken. If children are a country's future, then the US appears to be squandering it. It has one of the most ... tags: educationempireequalityIntellectualPropertyusyoutube

Firm Suing Apple in China Open to Talks

The company suing Apple over its iPad trademark in China says it's open to talks. But Apple has shown no interest in a settlement with ... tags: AsiaBeijingBusinessConsumerEastelectronicsIntellectual

Multiple Collaborating Systems

Multiple Collaborating SystemsNorthern California Grantmakers - Northern California GrantmakersDave Marvit discusses Distributed Knowledge ... tags: collaborationcopyrightDaveintellectualMarvitMenloPark