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UN chemical weapons inspectors leave Syria

A team of UN inspectors probing last week's alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus have now left the Syrian capital. The experts have ...

UN chemical weapons team begin to leave Syria

Some United Nations inspectors, in Syria to determine whether forces have used chemical weapons in the civil war, prepared to depart from ...

U.N. team returns to suspected poison gas site

United Nations weapons inspectors leaving their hotel in Damascus on Wednesday. The team were making their trip across the front line to ...

U.N. chief says Syria inspectors need another four days

For a day, a special U.N. envoy returned to a suburb of Damascus to investigate the suspected chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds ...

Syria conflict explained: What caused civil war in Syria?

A look at the conflict in Syria. Who's involved in the civil war, why did it start and what can we expect in the future Report by Morrism. ...

World leaders divided over response to Syria 'chemical massacre'

The U.N. inspection visit to sites of an alleged chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus has been postponed to Wednesday. Syria's ...

U.N. resumes Syria chemical attacks probe

Six U.N. vehicles left the Four Seasons hotel in Damascus on Wednesday and were understood to be travelling to the area. U.N. High ...

UN inspectors probe site of alleged nerve gas attack in...

UN weapons inspectors have left central Damascus to investigate the site of an alleged chemical weapons strike on the outskirts of the ...

U.N. inspectors reach Syria gas victims, despite coming under fire

CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES After taking fire from snipers in Damascus, the U.N. team of chemical weapons experts reaches a medical clinic ...

Syria's Information Minister: "We have never used chemical weapons in any shape or form"

Did Syria use chemical weapons on its own people In Beirut, Syria's Information Minister had this to say about the allegations Omran Zoabi. ... tags: allegationsandanyDamascusGhoutahaveInformation

Syria: United Nations weapons inspectors to begin work...

The Syrian government has agreed to allow United Nations weapons inspectors investigate allegations of a suspected chemical weapons attack ... tags: Armed_conflictsbeginChemicalseuronewsinspectorsSyriaSyria:

Senior U.N. official arrives in Syria seeking access for chemical inspectors

The United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Angela Kane arrived in Syria on Saturday to push for access to a suspected ... tags: CutDamascusdisarmamentforinspectorsnarrationseeking