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2011-11-26 Linguistic diversity in last words & farewells

A description of how three different languages8212Serbian, Welsh and German8212were used in the funeral services of bilingual people and an ... tags: bilingualcommunity_and_societycross-cultural_communicationdeatheducationfuneralinformation_and_communication

Book Show 2011-11-24

Chinese writer Liao Yiwu finally arrives in AustraliaIn the last three years, Beijing has banned prominent Chinese author and poet Liao ... tags: Artsarts_and_entertainmentauthorcensorshipeventsinformation_and_communicationLiterature

Book Show 2011-11-14

Government looks at digital impact on book industryThe Federal Government is considering an extensive report from The Book Industry ... tags: Artsarts_and_entertainmentcopyrightinformation_and_communicationLiterature

Health Report 2011-11-14

Social media and healthThe Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media recently visited Australia and talks about how social media ... tags: doctorseducationethicshealthinformation_and_communicationmedicalprofessionals

2011-11-12 Use of kinship terms as forms of address in Chinese culture

John Wakefield describes, in cultural terms, the relevance of how Hong Kong Cantonese speakers teach their children to use kinship terms in ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologyeducationforms_of_addressHong_Kong_Cantoneseinformation_and_communicationkinship_termslanguages

Book Show 2011-11-07

Arrest of Turkish publisher angers literary communityThe international literary community is demanding the immediate release of Turkish ... tags: activism_and_lobbyinggovernment_and_politicsinformation_and_communicationjournalismLiterature

Book Show 2011-10-31

The trials of the midlist authorOnce the bread and butter of the publishing industry, the midlist author is being squeezed by the search ... tags: arts_and_entertainmentauthorcritique_and_theoryinformation_and_communicationLiteratureprint_media

2011-10-29 Quechua

Imagine that while growing up, your parents spoke to each other in a language you didnt understand, using another language for you and your ... tags: Andean_languagecommunity_and_societyeducationindigenous_languageinformation_and_communicationlanguagelanguages

2011-11-05 You, you, and you

In English, there is pretty much only one way to say 'you', encompassing both singular and plural, used in both formal and familiar ... tags: educationEnglishinformation_and_communicationIrishlanguagelanguagesLiterature

2011-10-22 What you speak, you are

Though he speaks nine of them, it's language that has captivated Robert Lane Greene, rather than languages. He explains the early ... tags: arts_and_entertainmenteducationgrammarinformation_and_communicationlanguagelanguagesLiterature