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Gazans decry tax increases

Residents of the Gaza Strip have been facing a new burden - a significant rise in taxes on a number of items ranging from gas to ... tags: gasgazaincreasejazeerajohnstonlevymiddleeastnews

UNM President gets $25K raise

The president of the University of New Mexico makes more than the president of the United States and now Bob Frank is getting an extra 25 ... tags: BobincreaseMexioNewofratesretention

Argentina's government increases defense budget

The Defense Ministry of Argentina has announced the increase of the national defense budget over the next five years in order to build a ... tags: Argentinabudgetdefensefiveincreasenextyears

How To Increase Your Bench Press

Bench pressing involves some techniques that will let you produce more power and strength to increase your lifts. tags: benchincreasepowerliftpresstrainingweight

How To Increase Bench Press

Weight lifting cannot only give you a better body, but builds self confidence as you reach your goals. In this VideoJug presentation, learn ... tags: benchexercisefitnessincreasepresstrainingworkout

How To Increase Singing Endurance

When a singer goes on tour or has a show, they need to be able to sing for more than an hour at a time. To do this, it is important to have ... tags: arpeggiosenduranceincreaselessonsplacementsingingtips

How To Calculate A Percentage Increase

Learn how to be better in percentage increase in maths the easy way. tags: calculationsincreasemathpercentage

How To Calculate Percentage Increase

How To Calculate Percentage Increase This video easily shows you how to find the percentage of increase and then add it to the original ... tags: DIYincreasepercentageVideoJug

How To Calculate A Percentage Increase Decrease

Know your percentages right. This math tutorial shows you how to calculate increases and decreases in percentage using an easy method. tags: decreasefactorincreasemathmethodpercentagescale

Georgian opposition increase calls for Saakashivili to...

Georgia is marking its Independence Day but there seems to be little to celebrate with anti-government protests set to continue for a sixth ... tags: callsDemonstrationeuronewsforGeorgianincreaseopposition

Osborne defends VAT rise

Chancellor George Osborne has defended the increase in VAT to 20 per cent from 17.5 per cent, saying it is the 'least damaging' way to deal ... tags: conservativeeastincreaselabourlibliberallitre

New documents increase pressure on Spain's PM

Allegations focusing on Spain's ruling Popular Party have taken a new turn. Claims Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy when a government minister ... tags: CorruptiondocumentseuronewsincreaseMarianoNewpressure