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Obama, Republicans continue talks to increase debt ceiling

On Day 10 of the federal government shutdown, House Republicans met with President Obama at the White House to discuss a plan that could ...

Cantor: Meeting with Obama on avoiding default "clarifying"

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said after a 'useful' meeting between GOP leaders and President Obama, there's hope that 'we can ...

Little evidence of deal-making on "fiscal cliff"

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unleashed a tirade about House Speaker John Boehner, accusing him of running a dictatorship in the House. ...

House votes on Boehner's "Plan B"

As the House votes for Speaker Boehner's 'Plan B' to avoid the 'fiscal cliff,' options for passing a deal before Christmas are slipping ...

Obama: Resistance to raising taxes "a religion" to GOP

In an interview today with CBS News affiliate WCCO in Minneapolis, President Obama said Democrats are willing to do 'a lot more' with ...

Obama: Tax hike on wealthy only "fiscal cliff" deal I'll sign

In his weekly address, President Obama said there is still some wiggle room on what Democrats are willing to give in negotiations over how ...

Obama answers fiscal cliff questions on Twitter

Working to win public support for his tax and spending proposals, President Obama answered fiscal cliff questions on Twitter. Danielle ...

Fiscal cliff: How it affects your money

CBS MoneyWatch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger explains possible scenarios surrounding the fiscal cliff problem and how it could affect ...

U.S. manufacturing jobs on the rise

Strong job growth in February helped boost stocks with many of those jobs coming from companies making products right here in America ...

Flood-zone residents outraged over new insurance rates

Residents and business owners in Broad Channel, N.Y., are protesting skyrocketing insurance rates that are part of a new federal law ...

Social Security checks to increase 3.5 percent

Social Security recipients will be getting a raise of about 3.5 percent. Terrell Brown reports on the first increase since 2009.

Peanut butter prices to go up 40 percent

The nation's biggest peanut butter producers are raising prices as much as 40 percent because of the hot and dry summer that devastated the ...