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Iranian artists battlling child labor

Child labor continues to take place all around the world, and Iran is no exception. tags: artistsashkanilliteracyiranIraniankhatibiLabor

Illiteracy in Germany | People & Politics

Nora is 23 years old and is learning to read and write. It was only during her apprencticeship after leaving school that her literacy ... tags: DeutscheDW-TVEducationGermanyIlliteracyPeoplePolitics

Climbing Kilimanjaro without legs

Free The Children ambassador Spencer West, who lost his legs as a child, tells Scott Pelley how the organization's co-founder Craig ...

Free The Children's evolving mission

Marc Kielburger, Craig's older brother and co-founder of Free The Children, describes how the organization has changed over time - and why ...

A worldwide mission of kids helping kids

At age 12, Craig Kielburger set out the change the world. Now, 17 years later and with 2 million volunteers, he's still at it. Scott Pelley ...

Education for Jordan's bedouins - 09 Sept 09

According to the United Nations, about75 million children are currently not receiving any kind of schooling, which is why Tuesday has been ... tags: aljazeerabedouinsilliteracyjazeerajordanliteracynations

Romania: Kindergarten Seen as Key to Fight Poverty

In Romania, one in two children is at risk of poverty. Roma youngsters are the most vulnerable. To escape this vicious circle of poverty ... tags: illiteracykindergartenngopovertyromaRomaniaschool

Indian College Turns Illiterate Women into Engineers

For generations women in many rural communities have lived in the shadow of men and receive little education. But a grassroots college in ... tags: asiacollegeengineersgovernmentgrassrootsilliteracyIndia

Social Entrepreneur Spreads Literacy in Chile

Libraries in shopping malls and mobile libraries for children in rural areas these are just two of the initiatives started by Veronic ... tags: abudentrepreneurilliteracyilliterateinnovationschoolsocial

Venezuela celebrates years free of illiteracy

Six years ago, Venezuela was declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, a country free of ... tags: cultureeducationilliteracysciencevenezuela

Free choice: Schools for rich & schools for poor

More than a year has passed since the Indian government announced the unprecedented Right to Education Act. The law was aimed at stamping ... tags: childreneducationilliteracyIndiakidsManmohanpoor

Age of Illiteracy: Shocking 20% UK youths struggle to read

A recent survey in the UK has revealed an alarming number of school-leavers lack even basic skills in reading and numeracy, which once ... tags: educationEmmettilliteracyjobsLaurareadingschool