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IHH holds press conference on Syrian crisis

About on hundred Non-governmental organizations gathered in the Turkish city of Istanbul to show solidarity with the victims of the ongoing ... tags: CrisisEuropeHumanitarianIHHRefugeeSyriaTurkey

Gaza Aid Flotilla Activists Deny Links with Hamas

Israel claims the Turkish IHH group that organized an aid flotilla to Gaza in May has strong links with Hamas but the activists say their ... tags: aidcharitiesgazahamashumanitarianihhIsrael

Une organisation controversée à l'origine de la flottille

REPORTAGE - L'ONG turque IHH qui a organis le convoi attaqu lundi, est souponne d'avoir des liens avec des extrmistes islamiques. Elle se ... tags: aideflottilleFrancegazaIHHisraelraid

Mavi Marmara'da 'Bir Çeşit Özür' Arayışı

Washington'daki S. Daniel Abraham Ortadou Bar Merkezi Bakan - eski Kongre yesi Robert Wexler, Trk-srail ilikilerini, Ortadou'daki ... tags: abraham daniel gazze hamas ihh israil marmara

Evidence: IHH Leader Urges Men to Throw Israelis Overboard 30May2010

In this footage, taken on board the Mavi Marmari on 30May2010, IHH leader Bulent Yildirim clearly instructs his followers to throw the ... tags: aidBulentflotillagazahumanitarianIHHisrael

Smuggled Gaza Footage Israel doesn't want you to see

New Video Smuggled Out of Israeli Freedom Gaza Flotilla MassacreDemocracy Now has interviewed some of the reporters, filmmakers, and ... tags: 91177infoagendaaipacantiboatsbombchildren

FLOTILLA: We Con the World

Click on this link to buy WE CON THE WORLD T-shirts There comes a timeWhen we need to make a showFor the world, the ... tags: ComedyFLOTILLAHRWhuman_rightsIHHIsraellatma