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Couple survives after being lost in Texas desert for days

A couple that got lost in the Texas wilderness along the Rio Grande spent days wandering around Big Bend Ranch State Park just trying to ...

Fires Add to Snowbound Poland's Woes

Along with hypothermia, carbon monoxide is the main cause of death during the often-harsh Polish winter. And with people trying to stay ... tags: carboncoldeasterneuropefirefighterfirefightinghypothermia

Big Freeze Grips Europe, Kills 220 People

Temperatures have plunged to new lows in Europe where a week-long cold snap has now claimed more than 220 lives as forecasters warned that ... tags: colddeathseasterneuropefreezinghypothermiasnap

Strokes Put on Ice

Hypothermia can be deadly Getting too cold can cause your body to shut down. It's that same theory doctors are now using to help save the ... tags: healthhearthypothermiaicemedicalstroketherapy

Emergency Hypothermia

Hypothermia can happen quickly in very cold weather or in cold water. And it is often life threatening.Powered by Producer ... tags: arrestcardiacclinichypothermiamayo

The F&S Adventurer: Hypothermia Threshold Test

FS Adventurer, Jim Baird, trains for his next trip by jumping into icy cold water to simulate the possibility of falling through ice. He ... tags: AdventurerFieldfireFShowhypothermiastart

TED Talk: Ken Kamler: Medical miracle on everest

When the worst disaster in the history of Mount Everest climbs occurred, Ken Kamler was the only doctor on the mountain. At TEDMED, he ... tags: EverestfMRIhypothermiamedicalmiraclemountainsnow

Regions Hospital Doc Hollywood (episode 59)

Dr. Michael Zwank discusses using caution around our unsafe lake and pond ice caused by the warmer than normal winter. tags: Dr. Michael ZwankdrowningEmergency MedicinehypothermiaIceRegions Hospitalunsafe


Abd-Ul-Aziz Khan/Mana Rabiee In Washington DC when the temperature falls below freezing homeless people have the right to a shelter bed. ... tags: Abdul Aziz KhanHypothermiaMana RabieePakistanurduvoanewsVoice of AmericaWashington DC

DC Providing Homeless Shelter From Cold

In Washington DC, when the temperature falls below freezing, homeless people have a right - under law - to a shelter bed. It is one of the ... tags: ColdHomelessHypothermiaVOAvoavideoVoice of AmericaWashington DC