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Humanitarian Aid Videos - 3 by Popular

Inside North Korea

Cross into North Korea, one of the world's most secretive nations, for a rare glimpse of the country and its dictator Kim Jong II. tags: blindnesscataractsdemilitarized_zoneDMZExplorer:_Inside_North_Koreagovernment_mindershumanitarian_aid

Al-Qaida Issues Demands For Kidnapped American Aid Worker

Al Qaeda has issued its demands for the release of an American aid worker abducted four months ago in Pakistan. tags: al_qaedaal_qaeda_prisoneramerican_aid_workerhumanitarian_aidnewsyNews_General_Newspakistan

Mosaic News - 09/12/11: World News from the Middle East [VIDEO]

Somali famine outpacing the delivery of humanitarian aid, Morocco's February 20 Movement reiterates its rejection of cosmetic reforms, ... tags: 9_11Ali_Abdullah_SalehBashar_al-AssaddroughtEastfamineFebruary_20_Movement

Libya Faces Steep Humanitarian Challenges

The manhunt for Moammar Gadhafi continues and Libyan rebels continue to clash with loyalist forces. Libyan rebels are offering a 2 million ... tags: analysisarabspringbattlefortripolibbcconversationearlyeconomy

Drought, Famine in Horn of Africa: Preventable?

The dire situation in the Horn of Africa has many asking -- why is this happening again tags: aid_workerscampdisttibution_centerdjiboutidroughtemergencyemergency_funds

Why is the U.S. Suspending $800 Million in Aid to Pakistan?

The Obama Administration suspended over 800 million in military aid for Pakistan, but also said Pakistan will still receive aid from the ... tags: afghan_soldiersaidamericabill_dailydeploymentgrasshumanitarian_aid

Nicholas Kristof on Africa's Worst Drought in Decades

Nearly 12 million people in Africa are facing the worst drought the continent has seen in 60 years. Along with water shortages, come food ... tags: africaanalysisbbcconversationdroughtearlyeconomy

Gaza Flotilla Suffers Setbacks

Some analysts are already closing the book on this flotilla since its ships are stuck in port. tags: activistsblockadeblockage_of_the_gaza_stripblood_cellcopflotillaforeign_ships