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Humanitarian Aid Videos - 2 by Popular

Aid boost for the Philippines but hundreds of thousands face deteriorating conditions

More aid is starting to arrive in Tacloban, the Philippines worst hit city in last weeks typhoon disaster. A Swedish aircraft with relief ... tags: boostbutconditionsdeterioratingforHumanitarian_aidhundreds

Huge task to reach Typhoon Haiyan's remote victims in Philippines

From the air the scene below resembles a giant rubbish tip mile after mile of debris and barely a building standing in the aftermath of a ...

Global effort for Philippines but many still wait for aid

Four days after one of the strongest storms ever to hit land, aid is starting to arrive in the Philippines.But getting relief to those who ...

Hospitals in Tacloban struggle to provide medical aid after Typhoon Haiyan

There is a state of emergency not just for patients but for hospitals as well after the super storm ripped through Tacloban in the ...

How can Europe help deal with the Syrian refugee crisis

The tide of Syrian refugees traumatised from the civil war has reached two million, half of them children. It is a crushing burden on ...

Lebanon struggles to cope with rising number of Syrian...

In the city of Saida, in the south of Lebanon, local non-governmental organisations NGOs have joined together to coordinate humanitarian ...

The plight of Syrian refugees who flee to Lebanon

Every day hundreds of refugees arrive at the gates of the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations in Beirut.While the conflict ...

Syria's humanitarian crisis quickens pace

As the possibility of an American air strike on Syria increases, the flow of refugees leaving the country has quickened, with 12,000 people ...

Samantha Nutt: Damned Nations

Samantha Nutt has travelled to some of the most war-torn nations on the planet. She joins Steve Paikin to reflect on humanitarian aid and ... tags: AfricaHumanitarian_aidMiddle_EastNews_PoliticsWar

Dave Toycen: Haiti, Two Years Later

Two years since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, The Agenda examines how the island nation is recovering. tags: Humanitarian_aidInternational_aidNatural_disastersNews_Politics