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Hots Videos - 2 by Popular

BabyKnight Finds Void Ray Play Boring

Slasher learns from BabyKnight why the Koreans are dominating HOTS at MLG Dallas and what he thinks of the new game.

MC Thinks He Can Be Champion After Win Against MVP - MLG Dallas

MC tells Slasher about beating teammate MVP and the utility of the new Protoss units at MLG Dallas.

Killer on Representing South America at MLG Dallas

Slasher interviews Killer about playing HOTS atMLG Dallas.

Polt Says HOTS MetaGame Will Be Figured Out in Two Weeks - MLG

Slasher interviews Polt about his tough match against Life and how long it will take players to figure out HOTS at the professional level.

Sase Says PVP is Random in HOTS - MLG Dallas

Slasher pulls Sase aside to gets his thoughts on how HOTS played in the tournament and more at MLG Dallas.

MarineKing thinks HOTS fits his syle well - MLG Dallas Interview

Slasher gets MarineKings feelings on his MLG performance and how HOTS is treating him.

Suppy Would Like Zerg Buffs - MLG Dallas

Slasher asks Suppy about his tournament in Dallas and how HOTS is putting Zerg at a disadvantage.

Bly on Taking a Game off Flash and HOTS balance at MLG

Slasher finds out from Bly what it takes to win a game against Flash and what races HOTS is currently favoring.

Stephano says no Zerg will make it to the Finals at MLG Dallas

Stephano tells Slasher that no zerg will advance to the finals at MLG Dallas Winter Championship.

DjWHEAT talks about the StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Finals

Slasher chats with his Live on Three Co-host to learn more about his thoughts on Polt's victory, the Open Bracket, MLG Anaheim as a whole, ...

Polt talks Winning his First Major Lan at MLG Anaheim

Slasher chats with Polt about his huge victory this weekend at MLG Anaheim, his thoughts for the future, and the no handshake from ...

Sase shares thoughts on Protoss and the MLG Open Bracket

Sase shares his thoughts on Protoss changes, not liking the Open Bracket, and the MLG Anaheim event.Features Reviews - Guides - - NASL ...