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High-blood Pressure Videos - 4 by Popular

How to Replace Salt with Herbs and Spices

If your doctor suggests you reduce the salt in your diet, don't worry you're not sentenced to a life of bland food. learns how to replace ... tags: adviceblack_lava_saltcapsaicincookingdill_weedhealthhealth_benefits

Why Some Medications Should Be Taken With Food

Should you take your medicine with food or on an empty stomach Pharmacist Doug White explains why meals'even that glass of water'matter ... tags: Healthhigh_blood_pressurehome_healthtech_check

Simple Exercises You Can Do at the Park

Enhance your walking workout with these simple upper and lower body workouts you can do on any park bench. tags: chocolatecholesterolHealthhealthy_snacksheart_healthyhigh_blood_pressureldl

Simple Relaxation Response Techniques for Stress Relief

Practicing simple relaxation techniques developed by Dr. Herbert Benson for a few a day could ease your troubled mind. tags: alternative_remediesanxietyHealthhigh_blood_pressuremeditationstress_relief

Avoiding Serious Health Problems

Find out if you are you at Risk for serious Health Problems tags: activitiesagedakebabybaby_boomersboomercancer

Treating Mood or Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy

Recent studies suggest that up to 20 percent of women suffer from mood or anxiety disorders during pregnancy. Dr. Joshua Weiner talks about ... tags: anti_depressantappetitehigh_blood_pressureLocalpregnant_womanpregnant_womentricky

Energy Drink Alternatives

Before you order a shot of espresso or crack open an energy drink, you may want to consider what you're really pouring into your body.Watch ... tags: AlternativesatlantaBrain_NutritionBurning_FatCaffeinecirculatory_systemCoffee

Energy Foods

Feeling the midday slump is almost inevitable. But before you order a shot of espresso or crack open an energy drink, you may want to ... tags: Brain_NutritionBurning_FatCaffeineCoffeecrackerDairyEating_Healthy

Depression's Secret Health Threats

Depressive disorders can lead to physical symptoms, like migraine and pain. Health risks like diabetes, heart disease and high blood ... tags: abdominal_painamericansannuallyback_paindepressantdepresseddepression

What is Congestive Heart Failure?

This commonly misunderstood disease affects 5 million Americans. Let's take a closer look at congestive heart failure. tags: blightCureDiagnosisDocdoctorDr.Drug