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Car Tech 101: Shine a light on headlight technology

Brian Cooley reveals the technology of headlights, from where they've been to where they're going.

Install OwnCloud and Cracking Passwords with a Rubber Ducky - Hak5

Cracking Windows passwords in 15 or less with a special USB Rubber Ducky firmware and mimikatz. Build your own Dropbox alternative for free ...

Reviewing Kali Linux and USB Rubber Ducky Payload Generator - Hak5

This time on the show, The King is dead, long live the King We review BackTrack's successor Kali Linux. Then Human Interface Device attacks ... tags: hackinghidkalilinuxreverseshellusb

Hack Any 4-digit Android PIN in 16 hours with a USB Rubber Ducky - Hak5

This time on the show, an online brute force attack against Android successfully defeats 4-digit PIN codes in about 16 hours using the USB ... tags: attackbrutedeviceforcehidhumaninterface

Android Hacking with the USB Rubber Ducky - Hak5

This time on the show, hacking Android with the USB Rubber Ducky. Darren revisits the original Human Interface Device Attack tool and shows ... tags: attackdeviceduckyhidhumaninterfacelinux

Man Hides 100 Bags of Heroin in Anus

A man hides 100 bags of heroin in his anus.Recently, cops in New York pulled over a 2005 Mitsubishi for having a dirty license plate and an ... tags: anusbodyheroinhidinNewsWeird

HID $15 Halogen to HID Xenon conversion High Intensity Discharge Lighting 6000K

PART 2 DC TO AC Convert a standard 500 watt AC Halogen work light to an energy efficient Direct Current 35 watt flood light ... tags: DISCHARGEGlowHalogen LampHIDHIGHIncandescent Light BulbINTENSITY

4000 Watt - Metal Halide - Three Stage Light Tower - 25 Feet

\n \n The LM-25-3S-4X1000W Light Tower from Magnalight is a 25 foot extendable light tower equipped with four metal halide light ... tags: 4000EmergencyExtendableHidLightLightingMobile

75w HID ( T )

Good Look at a 75w HID torch.Big thanks to all of you, And cheers to for the feature.To enter your chance to win the torch kit shown ... tags: FlashlightHIDLampTechTorch

Hacking the HID: From Zero to Pwned in 10 Seconds - Hak5

After years of development the Hak5 team debuts the most lethal Human Interface Device to grace an unsuspecting USB port. Introducing the ... tags: 11.04dockygnomehackinghidkdem0n0wall