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The Mysterious Syndrome Called CAPS

In this program we take an in-depth look at these mysterious conditions and offer hope to the people who deal with them every day. tags: anticoagulant_therapyantiphospholipid_antibodyblood_clotsblood_thinnerCAPShealthhealthy_body_healthy_mind

Breath of Life: Living Well With COPD

In this program well help people understand more about the therapies for COPD, how the disease can be managed and how some of the ... tags: asthmabreathingcopdemphysemaexercisehealthhealthy_body_healthy_mind

The Science of Treating Atrial Fibrillation

In this program we will take the viewer inside the operating room to see surgical treatments for Atrial Fibrillation and highlight the ... tags: ablation_atrial_fibrillationatrial_ablationAtrial_fibrillationatrial_fibrillation_ablationatrial_fibrillation_treatmentatrial_tachycardiacatheter_ablation

Anaphylaxis: What You Should Know about an Allergic Emergency

In this episode we will highlight ways to prevent anaphylaxis, see how it is diagnosed and discuss the available emergency treatments that ... tags: allergic_reactionsallergy_reliefAllergy_symptomsallergy_treatmentanaphylaxisepipenfood_allergies

Dyslipidemia: Getting Your Cholesterol Under Control

This program will educate the audience about Dyslipidemia and Cholesterol Management and will focus on risk assessment blood test, family ... tags: atherosclerosisaudienceblood_testCholesterol_Managementdiabetes_mellitusDyslipidemiaeducate

Understanding Hereditary Angioedema: A Mysterious Out-of-Control Immune Response

In this program well hear what the experts have discovered about hereditary angioedema, see why it is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed ... tags: angiodemagenetic_diseasehaehealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindhereditary_angiodemaNews_and_Information

Hope for the Alcoholic: Scientific Breakthroughs

In this program we'll explore the latest research that highlights the differences between the brains of alcoholics and the brains of social ... tags: Alcohol_abusealcohol_addictionalcohol_detoxalcohol_rehabalcohol_rehabilitationalcohol_testalcohol_treatment

Coping with Chronic Pain

This program is to educate patients about the importance of being proactive and a partner in their own health-care. We believe by working ... tags: Chronic_back_painchronic_back_pain_treatmentchronic_joint_painchronic_knee_painchronic_leg_painchronic_lower_back_painchronic_muscle_pain

Treating Insomnia: Steps to Successful Sleep

In this program we'll highlight the ways to improve sleep by developing healthy sleep habits called 'sleep hygiene'. tags: better_sleepdevelopingenergyhealthhealthyhealthy_body_healthy_mindhelp_sleep

Hyponatremia: A Serious Sodium Deficiency

In this program we'll take a look at the circumstances that can lead to hyponatremia and explore the latest treatments. tags: circumstancesexerciseexplorehealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindhyponatremialatest_treatments

Treating Primary Immunodeficiency: Boosting a Weak (or Damaged) Immune System

In this program well highlight the treatments that scientists and researchers have developed that can help people with PI live nearly ... tags: autoimmune_diseasegermshealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindimmune_systemimmunodeficiencyNews_and_Information