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The Effect of Tech Gadgets on Your Sleep

Caution Your wireless device could lead to sleepless nights Find out how technology is making hard for us to get a good nights sleep and ... tags: breakthroughThecauses_of_insomniaEffecteffectseffects_of_insomniaGadgetsgadget_induced_insomnia

Melatonin Supplements Safety Tips

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, and assists in regulating other hormones, in addition to maintaining the ... tags: Health_Sleep_DisordersMelatoninMelatonin_RegulationMelatonin_SupplementsMelatonin_Supplement_SafetyProblemsSafety

How to Deal with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious breathing disorder, but there are treatments. Here's advice from Dr. Jordan Josephson, author and leading ear, ... tags: Apneacant_sleepcpap_treatmentDealingHealth_Sleep_DisordershowdiniSleep

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Adults Need

Is it really harmful to get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night Our Healthy Skeptic investigates. tags: Adultseverwellhealthy_skepticHealth_Sleep_DisordersHoursHowinsomnia

The Effects of Bright Screens on Your Sleep

Caution Your wireless device could lead to sleepless nights. Find out how technology is making it hard for us to get a good night's sleep ... tags: Brightcauses_of_insomniacomputerDr._Akinyemi_AjayieffectEffectsgadgets

Light Weight Sleep Apnea Treatment

People with sleep problems may no longer have to wear a bulky mask to bed A simple device that sticks to your nostrils is helping sleep ... tags: Apneabettercpapcpap_alternativecpap_disadvantagesdisorderfor

Dra. Aliza - Ejercicios Que Te Ayudarán a Dormir Mejor

La. Dra. Aliza nos dice por qu el ejercicios puede ser un buen aliado para lograr dormir mejor. tags: aol_latinoAyudaránDormirEjerciciosHealth_Sleep_DisordersMejormobile

Why I Have Sleep Twitches

Why do I twitch when I fall asleep Sometimes I jerk so hard, my leg kicks in the air asks Jennifer, Portland, Oregon. Dr. Travis answers. tags: CausesDr._Travis_StorkforHaveHealth_Sleep_DisordersReasonsSleep

Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator Development

Charles Avery Fisher, president of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, explains how the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator was developed. tags: Charles_Avery_FisherCranialElectronic_Nerve_StimulationFisherFisher_WallaceFisher_Wallace_LaboratoriesHealth_Sleep_Disorders

Jersey Shore's Vinny on a Sleep Schedule

Vinny Guadagnino, cast member of the MTV show Jersey Shore asks, 'As long as we get eight hours of sleep, does it matter when it happens' tags: CorrectDoesDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Jim_SearsDr._Lisa_MastersonDr._Travis_StorkGoing

The Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator for Sleep Trouble

Kate, 25, has difficulty falling asleep. To help her fall asleep, Kate tries the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator, a device which ... tags: CranialCure_for_SleeplessnessDisordersElectroconvulsive_TherapyFisherFisher_WallaceHealth_Sleep_Disorders

Chips and Salsa Before Bed

After a busy day without enough rest, Dr. Sears feels hungry before bed. See if he can get a good night's rest after ingesting this ... tags: AdventuresDr.Dr._Jim_SearseatingEffectsgood_night_sleepHealthy_Sleeping