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Man's Severed Hand Saved By Grafting It To His Ankle

After losing his hand, Chinese factory worker Xie Wei had the detached extremity reattached, but not where it's normally found. tags: anklechinadoctorextremityhealth_newshospitalprocedure

Benefits of Multivitamins Called into Question

Three recent studies have called into question how effective if at all multivitamin supplements are in preventing certain ailments. Three ... tags: benefits_multivitaminscase_closeddisease_preventionGeoBeatsHealth_Newsjohn_hopkinsmultivitamins

Excessive Cellphone Use Can Cause Anxiety

A study shows that college students who spent excessive amounts of time on their cellphones are more anxious and less happy than moderate ... tags: cell_phone_addiction_anxietycell_phone_addiction_stresscell_phone_usage_anxietycell_phone_usage_stressGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNews

How Dad's Diet Affects Baby's Long-Term Health

A new study shows Dads diet and health pre-conception can also have a large impact on babys long-term health since he contributes half the ... tags: dads_diet_procreationfathers_diet_effect_babiesfathers_diet_fetusfather_diet_procreationgenes_contained_sperm_dietGeoBeatsHealth_News

People More Drawn to Sugar Than Fat

Scientists working for the National Institutes of Heath have cracked the mystery of what it is that draws people to sugary, fatty foods. ... tags: craving_sugar_over_fatcraving_sugar_researchGeoBeatsHealth_Newspeople_crave_sugarpeople_more_attracted_sugarsugar_cravings_over_fat

Illness-Causing Bacteria Found High Up in Noses

Recent research says at one time or another most peoples upper nasal cavities are loaded with the bacteria that cause serious illnesses. ... tags: GeoBeatsharmful_bacteria_nosesharmful_staph_bacteria_noseHealth_NewsNewssickness_bacteria_nosesstaphylococcus_aureus

Risking Brain Function for Contact Sports

A new study shows even small bumps during contact sports can contribute to poor memory and cognition with possible long-term consequences. ... tags: blows_head_brain_functionblows_head_sportsbrain_functioncontact_sports_blows_headcontact_sport_brain_hitsGeoBeatsHealth_News

Laughter Isn't as Great a Medicine as People Say

Not only might laughter not be the best medicine, it could be one of your healths bigger threats. Not only laughter might not be the best ... tags: chuckling_health_problemsGeoBeatsHealth_Newslaughinglaughing_health_problemslaughing_heart_rupturesresearch_laughter_bad_health

Too Much Meat and Cheese Alter Stomach Bacteria

Harvard University researchers found that a couple days of overloading on meat and cheese can have a profound and almost immediate impact ... tags: GeoBeatsharvard_study_meat_cheeseHealth_Newsmeat_cheese_belly_largermeat_cheese_inflammation_studymeat_cheese_stomach_bacteriameat_cheese_stomach_bile

Exercise Could Decrease Pain In Breast Cancer Survivors

New research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium shows exercise can help breast cancer survivors who have pain from ... tags: Breast_Cancer_Painexercise_helps_painhealth_newsHow_to_help_Al_painpain_from_Aromatase_inhibitorsreduce_pain_from_breast_cancer_drugsscience

Beware of Raw Milk

According to recent analysis, the actual number of illnesses occurring from raw milk consumption is likely significantly higher than ... tags: dangers_raw_milkdangers_unpasteurized_milke_coli_milkfood_poisoning_raw_milkGeoBeatshealth_dangers_raw_milkHealth_News

Can Viagra Alleviate Menstrual Cramps?

Researchers say the erectile dysfunction drug can alleviate menstrual cramps. tags: health_newsviagra_crampsviagra_FDAviagra_menstrualviagra_menstrual_crampsviagra_women