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Study: Testosterone Might Make Men More Likely To Get Flu

Researchers at Stanford University now say men with higher levels of testosterone produce lower numbers of antibodies in response to the ... tags: fluflu_shotgeneshealth_newsimmune_responsemenstanford_university

Warning About Freezing Eggs to Delay Fertility

Medical experts from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have issued a warning to women who are choosing to freeze ... tags: dont_use_egg_freezingegg_freezing_biological_clocksegg_freezing_warningfreezing_eggs_buy_timefreezing_eggs_effectsGeoBeatsHealth_News

Female's Immune Response Stronger Than Male's

A new study indicates that a lower testosterone level may be what enables women of all ages to respond better to bacterial, fungal, viral, ... tags: female_immunity_studyGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNewsstronger_scientistswomen_immunitywomen_immunity_research

First Artificial Human Heart Transplant Performed In France

Surgeons in France have implanted a patient with a new heart designed to be a long-term artificial replacement for the human organ. tags: artificial_heart_transplantcarmat_heartfirst_artificial_hearthealth_newsheart_disease_transplantimplanting_heart

Overweight Men Have Low Quality Sperm Count

According to a new study from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, obese and overweight men are more ... tags: GeoBeatsHealth_Newsobese_men_spermoverweight_effect_semenoverweight_effect_spermoverweight_men_harm_spermoverweight_men_low_sperm

Foot Spray Used to Treat Pain From High Heels

A new product is being marketed to women who want to wear high heels, without the pain caused by uncomfortable shoes. A new product is ... tags: GeoBeatsHealth_Newsheel_no_painheel_no_pain_spraylidocaine_hci_heel_painNewsplastic_surgeon_heel_pain

Reverse Aging Experiment Gets Promising Results

Scientists from the US and Australia have successfully reversed the aging process in mice and say the same may be possible in people. ... tags: aging_experimentsaging_miceaging_researchGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNewsprevent_aging

Drinking Alcohol May Boost Immunity

A recent study shows people without alcoholic risk factors can enjoy alcohol in moderation and benefit from an improved immune system as a ... tags: boost_immune_systemdrinking_better_immunityGeoBeatsHealth_Newsmoderate_drinkingmoderate_drinking_goodmoderate_drinking_healthy

Aspirin Could Be the Answer to Calming Fits of Rage

Researchers believe that temper flares may be able to be diminished by taking aspirin. Researchers have some good news for people prone to ... tags: aspirin_anger_researchaspirin_anger_studyaspirin_calming_effectaspirin_chill_pillaspirin_ease_angeraspirin_kills_ageraspirin_mellow_effect

CDC Warns About Another Virus Spread by Mosquitoes

The CDC warns about another serious mosquito-carried virus coming into the U.S. after confirming 10 people infected on the Caribbean island ... tags: cdc_painful_mosquitochikungunyachikungunya_virus_cdcchikungunya_virus_microbeschikungunya_virus_warningchikungunya_virus_westernHealth_News

How Pets Prevent Allergies

New research out of the University of California San Francisco is closing in on the reason living with dogs can prevent allergies. Past ... tags: dog_dust_microbesdog_microbesdust_bacteria_dogsdust_microbes_petsGeoBeatsHealth_Newsmicrobes_guts_dogs

Grizzly Bears May Hold Key to Understanding Obesity

To gain insights into human obesity, Dr. Kevin Corbit has turned to a rather unique source - grizzly bears. Dr. Kevin Corbit, after ... tags: GeoBeatsgrizzly_bearsgrizzly_bears_human_healthgrizzly_bears_obesity_insulingrizzly_bears_understandinggrizzly_bears_weight_gainHealth_News