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Study Says Tripling Tobacco Tax Could Save Millions Of Lives

According to the study, a three-fold increase in cigarette taxes around the world could prevent as many as 200 million premature deaths. tags: health_newsincreasing_tobacco_taxsmoking_related_deathstobaccotobacco_deathstobacco_taxestripling_tobacco_taxes

Study: Medicaid Expansion Increases ER Vists

A study by researchers at Harvard University shows people who are given access to Medicaid coverage get more emergency care. tags: Affordable_Care_Actemergency_roomemergency_room_costemergency_room_visitser_coster_visitHarvard_University_research

Alzheimer's Disease Connected to Cholesterol Levels

According to a study from researchers at the University of California, Davis Alzheimers Disease Center, working with UC Berkeley and the ... tags: alzheimersalzheimers_cholesterol_levelsalzheimers_diseasecholesterol_levels_alzheimerscholesterol_numbersearly_alzheimersGeoBeats

Vitamin E Might Slow Alzheimer's Disease

According to a study from researchers at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System, taking vitamin E might be able slow down mild cases of ... tags: alzheimers_disease_vitaminalzheimers_study_vitaminalzheimers_vitaminalzheimers_vitamin_researchGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNews

Why Hangovers Get Worse as People Get Older

If you think that the older you get, the worse your hangovers are, youd be right. If you think that the older you get, the worse your ... tags: age_effects_hangoverGeoBeatsgetting_older_worse_hangovershangovers_get_worsehangovers_worsen_agehangover_headaches_worse_agehangover_nausea_worse_age

Food Choices Can Be Influenced By Your Peer Group

Researchers from Liverpool found people model their eating habits on their peer group - so if your group eats healthy, you will, too. tags: eating_habitsfood_choicesfood_intakehealth_eating_habitshealth_newspeer_pressurepoor_eating_habits

Calorie Counts Coming To Vending Machines Across U.S.

As part of Obamacare, the new rule will let you know just exactly how bad that candy bar or bag of chips actually is for you. tags: affordable_care_actCalorie_countFDAhealth_newsobamacaresnacksvending_machine

Judge Stops Hospital From Taking Jahi McMath Off Ventilator

The family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead earlier this month was officially granted more time to keep her on life support. tags: health_newsjahi_mcmathjahi_mcmath_brain_deadjahi_mcmath_familyjahi_mcmath_life_supportjahi_mcmath_restraining_orderjahi_mcmath_surgery

3 Obesity Myths

Obesity is a soaring epidemic in the US, and with its rise in numbers have come many myths about the possible causes. Recently, natural ... tags: deborah_cohendeborah_cohen_obesitydeborah_cohen_obesity_mythsGeoBeatsHealth_NewsNewsobesity_calorie_intake

Why Alcohol Makes You Red in the Face

People who get red in the face after a couple of drinks are often the targets of jokes, but a recent study revealed that one reason behind ... tags: alcohol_consumption_redalcohol_dehydratedalcohol_side_effect_red_facebody_red_skinface_gets_red_drinkingflushed_face_alcoholGeoBeats

Genetic Diabetes Risk From Neanderthals

More and more people are suffering from Type 2 diabetes due to a variety of reasons including diet, exercise, and genetics. According to a ... tags: diabetesdiabetes_risk_neanderthalsgene_variantGeoBeatsHealth_Newslatinnative_americans