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Budget Deal, With 3-Month 'Doc Fix' Moves To Senate

After a sweeping vote by conservative Republicans controlling the House and President Barack Obamas Democratic allies, a bipartisan budget ... tags: 111th_United_States_CongressBill_ClintonDemocratic_PartyHealthHealth_CostsIndependent_Payment_Advisory_BoardPresidency_of_Lyndon_B_Johnson

Study Shows Price Gap Between Healthy And Unhealthy Foods

Researchers found upgrading your diet to healthier foods costs an average of 1.50 a day more. tags: dieteating_rightharvardharvard_studyhealthhealthy_diethealthy_eating

Proposals Likely This Week To Respond To Health Law Policy Cancellations

Proposed bills in both the Senate and the House of Representatives would stop cancellations of individual insurance policies that dont meet ...

Key Senate, House Committee Chairs Offer Plan To Fix Medicare Doctor Payments

The Democratic and Republican leaders of two key congressional committees have agreed on a framework to scrap the problematic Medicare ...

Obscure Obamacare 'Reinsurance' Fee Takes On Big Role In Spending Deal Talks

After playing a central role in the negotiations, two health law tax provisions -- one related to reinsurance and the other a levy on ...

Even In A U.S. Government Shutdown, Obamacare Exchanges Could Function

U.S. State officials behind the launch of President Barack Obama's healthcare reform on October 1 say they could weather a federal ...

White House, GOP Senators Throw In The Towel On Budget Talks

Over the past few weeks, GOP Senators have moved away from the kind of 'grand bargain' sought by President Obama, which would have combined ...

Local Governments Wrestle With Employee Hours And Health Coverage

Many cash-strapped cities and counties are opting to reduce the number of hours their part-time employees work. Some local officials said ... tags: AffordableandDeliveryof_CareHealth_CostsMarketplaceObamacarePatient

What Are The Hidden Costs Of Coal?

An A Moment of Science listener wrote to us I keep hearing about the hidden costs of fossil fuels like coal. What exactly does it mean What ... tags: air_pollutionAppalachiacoalContent_TypeEducationelectricityenvironment