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The Future of Hair Restoration

Hair RestorationThe new technology it generates will affect many people whowere not previously candidates for hair restoration due to ... tags: alopeciahair_restorationhair_transplantHealth_Beauty

Detoxify Your Body with These Foods

Herb GardenDetoxification, can be done at home with the addition of a few foods in your meals. Given here are a few foods that you can ... tags: cleansingdetoxifyHealth_Beautyherbsjuicing

Automated Breast Ultrasound

Technician Using ABUSNot only do women with increased breast density have a higher risk for breast cancer, their cancers are much harder ... tags: Automated_Breast_Ultrasoundbreast_cancerdense_breastsHealth_Beautymammogram

Making Your Own Healthful Juice

Preparing to JuiceIf you find that juicing at home is more work than you can manage, fresh squeezed raw juice is available in many grocery ... tags: Health_Beautyjuicejuice_it_upjuicing

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

SleepingInsufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditionssuch as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ... tags: Health_Beautyinsomniasleepsleep_disorders

Why Did I Forget Something So Important?

Memory LossPeople refer to memory loss by many names forgetfulness, impaired memory, amnesia, loss of memory, and mild cognitive ... tags: amnesiaforgetfulnessHealth_Beautymemory_loss

Ten Tips For the Modern Woman

Woman SmilingThe beauty of these tips is that unlike quick-fix ones that instruct women how not to look old, these can be applied ... tags: beauty_tipsHealth_Beautymodern_womantips_from_models

Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes BooksResearch studies have found that moderate weight loss and exercise can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes among adults at ... tags: diabetesHealth_Beautyprediabetestype_2_diabetes

Making Sense of Green Food Labels

Free Range ChickensIt can be impossible to tell what Green Food Labels really mean and whether anyones even monitoring them for accuracy. ... tags: eco-friendlyfood_labelsHealth_Beautyorganic_food

Nine Groups of Organic Super Foods

Organic HerbsHerbs and spices such as garlic, dandelion leaf, nettle, and parsley. The most potent spice is curcumin from the turmeric ... tags: healthy_dietHealth_Beautyorganic_foodssuper_foods

The New Post-Holiday Solution

Losing Fat BellyLiposuction used to be the only alternative for people who wanted to get rid of belly fat. Liposuction works, but like all ... tags: coolsculptingHealth_BeautyliposuctionThermage_CPT

4 Easy Steps to a Great Memory

Improve Your MemoryWhen you forget something important, your confidence can take a serious hit. Taking a few easy actions can quickly ... tags: forgetfulnessgreat_memoryHealth_Beautylosing_your_memory