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Rihanna gets traditional tattoo hammered on her hand

Rihanna took a controversial and painful souvenir home from her stay in New Zealand a traditional Mako tattoo hammered on her right hand.

Appenzell electro dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer, the Hackbrett, is the heart and soul of Appenzell folk music. Traditionally it's played in a string ensemble. But ... tags: AppenzellclubdiscodulcimerfolkfolkloreHammered

Drunk or Sick? Czech President Milos Zeman Appears Hammered at State Ceremony

Was the Czech President drunk at a public ceremony Video footage shows Milos Zeman president clearly worse for wear, propping himself up ... tags: CeremonyCzechDigitalDrunkHammeredMilosOn-Demand

10 Really Weird Hangover 'Cures'

Banging headache Room spinning Then maybe you need one ... tags: alcoholalltime10sbeakboozedirector:Diagonalhammeredstudent

5 Bottles of Beer in 53 Seconds - A Canadian Classic

Thanks for subscribing Share this video with your friends if you like it.5 Bottles of regular beer 5 alc, 330mL Bottle in 53 . No straw ... tags: annihilatedbeerbeersbeer_bottlesbeer_chuggingbeer_festbottles_of_beer

2 Hour Pasture Hunt with Minelab Etrac

Digging deep coins with the Etrac. A quick hunt in the front field with my etrac. Not much booty this time but a couple of really old coins ... tags: andcartwheelcoindetectingenglandfindsfirst

Detecting Around a Castle and POW Camp

I was lucky enough to be invited up to Featherstone Castle to detect the surrounding fields. Nearby there was the remains of a POW camp ... tags: 150250acecampcastlecoincross

Quick Pasture Hunt with Minelab Etrac

A quick hunt 2.5 hours in the field in front of my house. This field has produced a few coins but very few silver - most are well worn ... tags: beachchurchcoilcoincoinsdeepdeeptech

Etrac Coin Shooting - Coins, Coins, Coins

Another awesome coin hunting session which produced 90 coins in 4 hours. Only 4 silver coins, 2 of which were worn badly but a great hunt ... tags: 1501st250350acebeachcoin

Sabian Hand Hammered 19" Jazz Ride (1724g)

Visit us at for the lowest prices on cymbals 'Talk to a drummer, not a customer service rep.' Enjoy this clip from the ... tags: 19blissbostonbostondrum.combrookecentercustom

1st Silver Hammered Coin with Minelab Etrac

Finally, I have found a silver hammered coin with my Etrac. It was only about 3' under the ground on pasture land near my house. ... tags: agescoilcoindetectingfindsfisherfootpath