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Tutoriale 2.Export w HD

Tym razem tematem tutorialu jest export kompozycji do dalszej obrbki i na serwisy takie jak YT,Vimeo czy Daily Motion.Na przykadzie ... tags: aftercompositioneffectsexportH.264kompresjapolski

H.264 - Sempron + 8500GT

H.264 HD DVD Playback on a Sempron 3200+ with 8500GT tags: 8500GTDVDH.264Sempron

Qualcomm compares H.265 and H.264 video at MWC demo

The H.265 video compression technology won39t be done until next year, but Qualcomm showed an Android tablet decoding video with the ... tags: AVCcodecH.264H.265HEVC

What's new with Matrox at BVE 2012

Work with the Avid or third-party hardware you wantwith Avid Open I/O, third-party manufacturers can now make their I/O hardware work with ... tags: 64-bitAvidBVEBVE 2012Charles AmyotdriversH.264

ASUS Android Transformer Tablet Playing HD Video

01/04/12 Here is a clip showing how 1280 5mbps MPEG4 video plays on the Android ASUS eee pad Transformer. The files are rendered ... tags: androidasuscanonFlyH.264ipadKam

Putting Raystream To The Test, Does it Stand Up to Its Claims?

A while back, I wrote about Raystream's new technology that is set to revolutionize the online video industry, or is it I sent them a 271MB ... tags: bitrateh.264IndustryMPEG-4NewsSoftwarestreaming

Rendering YouTube Videos With the Intel H.264 Codec (High Quality Rendering w/ Sony Vegas)

If you want high quality videos, this tutorial is for you. Keep in mind, you might want to have a good computer if you are doing this. ... tags: 264badbettercodecgoodgreath.264

Newegg TV: AVerMedia Game Capture HD Overview

12/01/11 Newegg 15-100-097 Here we have a Game Capture HD, made by AVerMedia, Model MTVGCAPHD. Check out the video for more ... tags: avermedia AVI Capture HD Gameplay in 1080i Component Video deals electronics Game Capture HD

Best Budget Projector, What Is Energy Star? DIY 3D Prescription Glasses, Should I Buy That ...

Which HD projector is the best value What the heck is Energy Star and why is it on every HDTV Make your own 3D glasses with prescription ... tags: 1080i1080p720papple_tvblu-raybuying_advicecomponent

Blu-ray Vs. Direct Download

10/31/11 Is Blu-ray better than direct download That's a tough question. Blu-ray certainly has plenty of benefits including ... tags: compression digital direct download h.264 media mp4