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GRITtv: The F Word: Oil Prices: Gouge Us Baby One More Time

Gas prices have been edging up since February, reaching 4 a gallon this Easter, and Republicans are gearing up to make a stink about it. To ... tags: babydemocratsdrillenergyenvironmentflandersfuel

GRITtv: Thomas Frank: Right Picked a Fight It Can't Win

Harper's magazine columnist Thomas Frank argues that in attacking unions and Medicare, the Right has picked a fight they cannot ... tags: brothersClasselitismflandersgritgrittvkansas

GRITtv: Gioconda Belli: Revolution Brings Out the Best

Former Sandinista revolutionary Gioconda Belli describes the feeling of taking power in Nicaragua when she was young. Watch the full ... tags: belliEgyptflandersgiocondagritgrittvlaura

GRITtv: Gioconda Belli: The Party of the Lusty Left

Gioconda Belli, author and revolutionary, explains why she and other women in the Nicaragua movement created their own 'party of the Lusty ... tags: belliEgyptflandersgiocondagritgrittvlaura

GRITtv: Gioconda Belli: Problems with Revolutionary ...

Poet and author Gioconda Belli explains that revolutionary movements tend to suffer from impatience and intolerance when trying to create a ... tags: belliEgyptflandersgiocondagritgrittvlaura

GRITtv: The F Word: Let's Admit The Truth About ...

According to polls, only about 6 percent of Americans are following with any close attention the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate ... tags: atlanticbritaincitizenscommonerflandersgritgrittv

GRITtv: Antonia Juhasz: Explaining Oil Speculation

Antonia Juhasz explains the oil futures market and why oil prices are driven so high. Here's a hint it's not taxes. Watch the full ... tags: flandersfuturesgritgrittvlauraoilprofits

GRITtv: Walter Mosley: People Want Heroes

Author Walter Mosley says that Americans like heroes, so they will believe in individuals, but still have no faith in the idea of politics. ... tags: barackbirthcertificatedemocracyelectionsflandersgrit

GRITtv: Walter Mosley: What is America Worth?

Walter Mosley asks what our country, and by extension all of us, are worth--and if we could answer that question, would it change how we ... tags: barackbirthcertificatedemocracyelectionsflandersgrit

GRITtv: Walter Mosley: Trust in the People

Author Walter Mosley argues that most progressives are no better than conservatives at trusting the people to take care of themselves and ... tags: barackbirthcertificatedemocracyelectionsflandersgrit

GRITtv: The F Word: The Violence of the Broken Economy

A lot of people have talked this week about violent political rhetoric bringing the U.S. to a fever pitch, but there's something else ... tags: americanandCenterdreamEconomicflandersfor

GRITtv: Peter Hart: Conspiratorial Worldview on the Right

Peter Hart of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting notes that some of Arizona gunman Jared Loughner's buzzwords and catchphrases echo those ... tags: beckflandersgabriellegiffordsglenngritgrittv