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Vitamin A Foods for Your Skin

What you apply to your skin isn't the only thing that can change its appearance. What you put in your mouth influences it too Which vitamin ... tags: beautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advice_health_videobeauty_tipsbest_vitamins_for_skinbest_vitamin_for_skincause_of_dry_skinglowing_skin_tips

How to Get Madonna's Dramatic Eyes and Glowing Skin

We asked Madonna's makeup artist, Gina Brooke, to show us how the Material Girl gets that chic and sophisticated look when she's out on the ... tags: BellaSugarTVBellaTVbella_secret_weaponCelebrity_Secret_WeaponDramaticEyeFashion_Beauty

Relieving Psoriasis

Its very name elicits alarm. This rash can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to be. Learn about treatments that will keep it in check so ... tags: beautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipscream_psoriasis:_flaky_skincures_psoriasiscuring_psoriasis

Preventing Eczema

Having a rash is bad enough, but recurring eczema is an even peskier affliction. If you need help, check out this quick tip to learn how to ... tags: all_quietbeautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipscureeczema

Scar Removal: Fillers & Surgery

Your scars may bother you so badly that you are considering fillers or surgeries to smooth them out. Before you make the doctor's ... tags: acne_scarringacne_scarsacne_scar_surgerybeautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipscircus

Pityriasis Rosea: The Basics

Your rash is irritating, bothersome and widespread. But what is it It might be Pityriasis Rosea. Learn the details of this rash, and how to ... tags: antibioticsbeautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipsglowing_skin_tipshealthy_skin_tips

Scar Removal: Dermabrasion

If you want to minimize the appearance of a scar that you find to be ugly or embarrassing, dermabrasion is one of your treatment options. ... tags: acne_scarringacne_scarsbeautiful_skin_tipsbeauty_advicebeauty_tipsclear_skin_tipsdermabrasion

How Retinols Work

If you're looking to combat the aging process, retinols are your best friend. Find out what they are and how they will help you fend off ... tags: anti_aging_medicineanti_aging_productsanti_aging_systemsanti_aging_tipsanti_aging_treatmentsanti_aging_wrinklesanti_wrinkles