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Homemade Drone Camera Creates Incredible Footage Of The Serengeti's Animals

A BRITISH wildlife photographer has captured stunning new shots of Africa - using a homemade helicopter drone. Will Burrard-Lucas, 30, ... tags: AnimalBarcroft_MediabuffaloDroneflyingfollowfootage

Lion Attacks Giraffe: Rare Lone Lioness Ambush

A LONE lioness shows her awesome power by bringing down a young giraffe single-handedly. The rare sight was captured on video by game ... tags: attackeddownfleegiraffejumplionpredator

Baby giraffe finds its feet

By Leanne RinneThe calf, who will be named by Zoo visitors, has spent the first few weeks getting to grips with her long legs as she ... tags: animalsbabygiraffenewseurope_newsZSL_Whipsnade_Zoo

Giraffe Stalks Cyclist

Now this is just an incredible sight. It's amazing to see a giraffe so close That cyclist probably didn't feel very comfortable though ... tags: animalcyclistfunnygiraffestalks

Dating service for single animals in Chinese zoo

A sort of dating service for single animals. In the southwest of China the Yunnan Zoo started looking out for their lonely inhabitants. ... tags: animalsChinesedatingforGiraffeLonelyPanther

Florida State Fair Trip PT1

My wife and I were there for much needed and deserved RR. These animals are only on display for the event.

Come face-to-face with giraffes

By Chambers IainThe new Giraffe Heights platform at Whipsnade Zoo will allow up to 300 people at a time to come face-to-face with the ...

Giraffe Family Photo Collection

Family Photo Collection is a photo collection of giraffe pictures captured by photographer Paule Dare-Meer and compiled in this photo ...

Giraffes and Family Photos [Giraffe and Family Photo]

your eyes on the giraffes and family photos at Photographer Photo Gallery. Witness their great photographs as one of the best animal ...

Photographs of Giraffe Family [Photograph of Giraffe Family]

of Giraffe Family- Take yourself to a great tour on the animal world with the animal pictures of Photographer Photo Gallery. Marvel the ...

Giraffe Family Photos [Giraffe Family Photo]

and see the giraffe family photos at Photographer Photo Gallery. Marvel the beauty of the animal pictures compiled in this photo gallery ...