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Baby panda cub climbs over logs during debut in Taiwan

A baby panda cub born in Taiwan has drawn huge crowds to Taipei zoo for her first public appearance. Report by Fosterso. Like us on ... tags: animalbaby_cub_in_taiwanbaby_pandachinagiant_pandagiant_pandaspanda

Pandas get a summer snow day

Giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo were treated to a winter wonderland on Thursday. Report by Lillya. Like us on Facebook at and follow us ...

Pandas Arrive in Scotland to Rock Star Treatment

Two giant pandas arrived in Scotland today as part of a 10-year conservation agreement between China and Britain. tags: china_uk_pandasedinburgh_pandasedingurgh_zooenvironmentgiant_pandaspandaspandas_scotland

Pandas Land In Macaus

Two Pandas arrive in Macao. The pandas are the first ever to travel in the passenger cabin of an aircraft. tags: Animalsbreaking_newschinachina_and_pandaschina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_news

Wild Panda Search Starts

A global competition is held to search for wild pandas. The winners are known as pambassadors tags: Animalsbreaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newschina_pandas

Retiring Panda Receives Farewell

Thousands of zoo visitors say good bye to a Chinese Panda now heading back home after five years in the zoo. The panda's age is equivalent ... tags: Animalschinachina_and_pandaschina_focuschina_newsgiant_pandaspanda

Panda Lovers Crowned Pambassadors

Panda lovers crowned 'pambassadors.' Six winners of a competition come from around the world and will spend a month taking care of 6 giant ... tags: Animalsbreaking_newschinachina_and_pandaschina_focuschina_newsgiant_pandas

April 16, 1972

It's the great China-U.S. panda-musk oxen gift exchange -- Jimmy Osmond turns nine -- Streisand and O'Neal star in 'What's Up, Doc' tags: barbra_streisandChairman_Mao_ZedongchinaDonnie_and_Mariegiant_pandasHsing_HsingJimmy_Osmond

Giant Panda Research Station Introduction

Join panda researcher Suzanne Hall and learn about the home of the San Diego Zoo's giant pandas. tags: audioBai YunBai_YunGao GaoGao_Gaogiant pandasgiant_pandas

Giant Panda Research Station: The Giant Pandas

Are pandas really bears Find out here and learn all about these fascinating animals. tags: audioBai YunBai_YunGao GaoGao_Gaogiant pandasgiant_pandas