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NSA's Google: XKeyscore search engine for all private info

A search engine for all of your private information - that's what an NSA program called XKeyscore. According to freshly published documents ... tags: ChichakyanGayaneGoogleinfoNSAprivateRussia

War scandal. Danish commando's book undermines security?

A Danish commando's account of the front line in Afghanistan has landed not only himself in hot water - but forced the country's defence ... tags: AfghanistanbookChichyakyanDenmarkGayaneIraqrow

Policy chaos, military muscle: Why US will never win Afghan war

With about 50 to 100 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan altogether, the US is spending over a billion dollars annually fighting each of them, ... tags: AfghanistanChichakyanDCGayaneininterviewRT

Witch Watch: Can Christine O'Donnel & Co unleash 'lipstick revolt'?

Getting to the top in U.S. politics can be tough enough, especially if you're a woman. But aside from Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, ... tags: adChristineGayaneNancyODonnelPelosiWitchcraft

China Threat? Bloomberg tells 'ignorant Americans' to blame it on themselves

America should stop blaming its problems on other countries such as China, and instead focus on its own practices. That's the message from ... tags: AmericaBloomergChichakyanGayanehardisolationistMichael

America's next war is with Yemen?

With the U.S. already fighting in two wars, Yemen has been revealed as another possible front opening up. But there could be secret links ... tags: AfghanistanaimsAnissaChichakyanGayaneIranIraq

Hot sauce for lying: Treat to Russian kids in America

A preliminary child abuse hearing is being held in Alaska after an American woman appeared on a TV show using harsh punishments against her ... tags: adoptedadoptionAlaskaChichakyanchildrenGayanekids

BP Hazard: Oil slicks into blood, toxic waste ushers cancer

On the first anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, that killed 11 people and dumped millions of gallons of crude into the ocean, ... tags: blameChichakyanClaytondisastergameGayanelaw

Back to the Future: 1967 borders to hold ME pressure cooker?

The strain's definitely showing in U.S.-Israeli relations - after President Obama called for a Palestinian state within 1967 borders in his ... tags: autonomyChichakyanEastGayaneIDFIsraelMiddle

Map of Arab Rage: Imperialism in the making?

When President Obama gives his major Middle East speech on Thursday, he's expected to announce American cash support for the revolutionary ... tags: ChichakyandemocracyEgyptGayaneHosniLibyapublic

Drone-Kill Culture: Predator Playstations

A series of U.S. drone attacks have reportedly killed at least sixteen people in Pakistan. Washington has kept up the unmanned air strikes, ... tags: ChichakyandronesGayaneNATOobamaPakistanpredator

CIA builds secret air base for Yemen drone attacks as 130 killed in June

Yemen's government says dozens of people have been killed in U.S. drone attacks in the country over the last few weeks, many of them ... tags: ChichakyandronesGayaneNATOobamaPakistanpredator