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Gangplank Videos - 3 by Popular

League of Legends: Ranked support with Sona by Warbyd (LoL Gameplay/Commentary)

02/06/12 to watch League of Legends Ranked with Wukong by Warbyd LoL Gameplay/Commentary League of Legends Ranked support with Sona ... tags: 799366646648adalistaranimalblcblitzcrankcarry

LoL Meet Brand | Legendville

Add me on facebook my next animation my blog and download some wallpapers to help me continue there are some mistakes go easy on meAll ... tags: 3dAmumuanimationaxebrandBrandsBrands story

My First Pentakill (League of Legends)

As Ashe, shortly after a game w/ a triple and quadra kill. This was a fairly even match-up in terms of our team vs. theirs, both in towers ... tags: Ancients annhilation arena ashe battle champion character

LoL - Reversal

What's that A gank Gangplank, come help out...wherever you are. tags: ArchaicShadowbarragebecomescannonEzrealGamesgangplank

Gangplank and Miss Fortune Caramelldansen

Entry for the Bilgewater Gallery contest.Endless loop Flash version here featuring Gangplank and Miss Fortune from League of Legends tags: caramell caramelldansen dancing fortune gangplank legends LoL

Don't Feed Gangplank -- In-Depth Champion Information (League of Legends)

YARRRR Very strong burst and a fairly interesting champion. He's getting his Raise Morale nerfed today, but it shouldn't be a huge deal. My ... tags: Ancients arena battle champion character ciderhelm cinderhelm

Let's play Donkey Kong Land 2 [Part 1] i'm not walking the plank!

yes i will refuse to walk the plank but i will also refuse to scrub the deck, anyhoo i will be playing one world per video or atleast i ... tags: Arvo Prt Avatar Day galleon Games gaming Gangplank

League of Legends - ELo Hell Ft Dorian - Season 2 Tips & Tricks + Jungle GP Gameplay (Part 1)

Hey guys Dorian here with my first video in awhile Sorry I have been streaming like crazy and massing Ranked games for season 2I have ... tags: dorianesportGamesgangplankjungletipstricks

Let's play Donkey Kong Land [Part 2] I Hate Croctopus!

yep i hate croctopus in this game because some times you can't tell which way you should go and i can't tell if the next croctopus is near ... tags: avatar country day donkey kong galleon gaming gangplank

This is why we hate Gangplank

Being a Pirate is alright with me---Please like, comment, favorite and subscribe. Or Morde will report ... tags: and ate but gangplank hate is it