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How to Wake Up The Spine

Rodney Yee shows you how to wake up the spin by twisting it, in this yoga move. tags: chairgaiammoveposerelaxspineturn

How to Use Yoga to Open Up Your Chest

Rodney Yee shows you how to use yoga to open your chest so your chest can breath more easily. tags: armsbreathechestcongestionexpandgaiamlegs

How to Spend a Yoga Moment

Gaiam TV Yoga Studio You don't necessarily have to go to yoga class to experience the benefits of a quiet conscious mind. Go to your ... tags: benefitsbreathchestconsciousgaiammomentopen

Why You Should Keep Your Body Moving

Movement is the perfect posture for your body. Watch Rodney Yee explain why. tags: bodychairsgaiamhealthymovemovementposture

How to Really Listen Carefully

Rodney Yee explains how yoga changed his life by teaching him how to really listen and concentrate through serenity and calmness. tags: breathcalmnessCommunicationconcentrateconversationgaiamlife

Inspirations with Lisa Garr featuring Joe Dispenza

Gaiam TV Wellness Center in the award-winning film What the Bleep Do We Know Dr. Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, ... tags: BleepbrainDoGaiamGoalsInspirationsKnow

Residing in The Eye of The Hurricane

Our body, breath and mind keep on moving, but what should we do with all of this movement Rodney Yee explains what he does. tags: bodybrainbreathgaiammindmovementthoughts

How to Stay Attentive and Focused

Do you find yourself distracted and not concentrated during business meetings Chose to be in it and focus yourself. Rodney Yee explains how ... tags: attentionbodybreathfocusgaiamlistenmind

How to Ease Your Mind Through Breath

Yogis claim that your breath is the ruler of your mind and body. Rodney Yee explains why this is so true, and how to rule your ruler and ... tags: bodybreathcalmeaseexhalegaiammind

Deepak Chopra on How to Live With Technology

Technology often interferes with our peace of mind. Watch this video and learn how technology can be incorporated without disrupting your ... tags: advantagechoprafocusgaiaminstantlylovemessage

Deepak Chopra on The Difference Between Intuition and Logic

Logic and rationality are aspects of your mind. Intuition is an attribute of your sole. Lets explore it. tags: gaiaminsightintuitionlogicmeditationmindreasoning