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Inspirations with Dr. Mark Waldman

Lisa Garr interviews Dr. Mark Waldman about the positivity ratio to build relationships that have lasted the longest and the companies that ... tags: braingaiamgarrlisamarkMemoryneurochemicals

Gaiam TV: Exclusive videos to feed your mind, body and soul

04/11/13 uses the power of conversation, videos and documentaries to raise awareness and provide new perspectives in spirituality, ... tags: alernativeclassesfitnessGaiamhealthInstructorsshows

Foundations Inversions Yoga with Amy Ippoliti

Gaiam TV Yoga Studio secret to remaining young Inversions. Understand the key alignment points necessary to help you balance in poses such ... tags: bodyformgaiamhealthinversionmindstrength

Gaiam TV Beyond Belief - Male Plastic Surgery

George Noory interview Dr. Anthony Youn on male plastic surgery. Men have been increasingly been enhance their muscles, either their butts, ... tags: anthonycalfclipdrgaiamGeorgeimplant

How to Connect to Your Body Center

The secret to balance is realizing where the body center is and knowing how to react to it. Rodney Yee offers some insight into doing just ... tags: balancebodycentergaiamhabitsmusclespencil

How to Find Your Center

Lets recenter ourselves- so we can find new directions to fall to Rodney Yee explains what that means. tags: alignmentbalancebodybreathgaiammindposture

How to Release Tension

What does relaxation really mean It does not mean going home and collapsing It's about finding your tension and observing it. Rodney Yee ... tags: bodygaiamgoletobserverelaxationrelease

Figuring Out Our Body and Mind

In order to become more alive and experience ourselves wholly, we first have to wake up and figure ourselves out. Rodney Yee Explains. tags: alivebodyexperiencegaiammindmovepain

Our Habitual Lifestyle

Gaiam TV Yoga Studio We are so habitual in our day to day life, that we have almost turned into robots. Rodney Yee explains further. tags: bodyconciousfeelgaiamhabituallifestylemind

How to Relax Fully

The hardest pose in Yoga is relaxation. Rodney Yee explains how relaxation of the body can be achieved, and why it will improve your life. tags: bodygaiamhowimprovelifemindrelax

How to Back Bend Your Spine

Rodney Yee shows you how to back bend your spine, a yoga move you can do from your chair. tags: backbendchairexercisegaiamhealthlegs

How to Do The Cobbler's Yoga Pose

Rodney Yee shows you how to do the cobbler's pose in yoga so you can open your hips. tags: aidscobblerconcertrationdigestionenergygaiamhip