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Mussels invade 600 U.S. bodies of water, cause billions in damages

Two freshwater species of mussels native to southern Russia, are now in more than 600 bodies of water in 27 states. Jim Kennedy, professor ...

Why we Need Environment Flows?

In many countries, rivers are dumping grounds for large amounts of wastewater and sewage. This causes tremendous stress on the natural ...

Tiny baby river dolphin born at Tongling Nature Reserve

A tiny baby river dolphin - a rare species - has been born at Tongling River Dolphin Nature Reserve in Anhui Province, China. Report by ... tags: animalsdolphinfreshwaterriverwildlife

XTRA: Große Tricks und kleine Fische

Schauspieler Sam Worthington, David Wenham, Timothy Spall, Freya Stafford, Gary Sweet Produktion Squared Productions, Mushroom Pictures, ... tags: CorporationFilmFreshwaterFreyaMacquarieSamSpall

Climate Change to Affect Africa Most

According to researchers, climate change will affect Africa more than any other continent in the world. It's also the continent most ... tags: africachangeclimateclimeeffectsfreshwaterglobal

Mystery Snail High Dive

My mystery snail would climb onto a leaf and then jump down every night around 9pm. RIP Blue You were a fun snail to watch tags: AnimalsaquariumfishfreshwatermysteryOthersnail

Field & Stream's Hook Shots, Season 1 Ep. 1: American Shad

Join Field Stream's Joe Cermele on the Delaware River in Central New Jersey for the annual spring run of American shad a.k.a. 'Poor Man's ... tags: andCermeleFieldfishingfreshwaterJoereel

Field & Stream's Hook Shots, Season 3 Ep. 4: How to Become a Bass Pro

Host Joe Cermele joins Elite bass angler Dave Wolak on New York's Lake Champlain to learn the ins and outs of being a professional bass ... tags: bassfishfishingfreshwaterHookProrecreational

Fly Talk: Hard Seam Bubble Line

In this episode Fly Talk's Kirk Deeter talks about fishing the hard seam bubble line. This seam acts as a funnel for bugs and attracts a ... tags: FieldfishfishingflyfreshwaterStreamtips

Fly Talk: Underwater Release

In this episode Fly Talk's Kirk Deeter shows how to do an underwater release. You don't always have to pump the fish to give it oxygen ... tags: fishfishingflyfreshwaterreleasingtalktips

Fly Talk: Netting a Fish

In this episode Fly Talk's Kirk Deeter shows you how to properly net a fish. For more information visit tags: FieldfishfishingfreshwaternettingStreamtips