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Deadly bacteria kills Florida man in less than 48 hours

A Florida man has died after he was exposed to the Vibrio Vulnificus bacteria in a local river. The bacteria is considered the most deadly ...

Hong Kong Culls Chickens to Battle Bird Flu

Hong Kong has culled 17,000 chickens and has suspended live poultry imports for 21 days after three birds tested positive for the deadly ... tags: birdchickencullflufood-borneh5n1illness

How To Avoid Food Poisoning: Microwaves

The microwave is as common as the kitchen sink. But this high-tech gadget won't spare you from the dangers of foodborne illnesses. Here's ... tags: avoidcolicookingfoodfoodbornehandlingillness


More than 46 million turkeys will be cooked this Thanksgiving holiday, according to the National Turkey Federation. In an effort to help ... tags: cookingfamilyFoodFoodborneIllnessNetworkSafety

Foster Farms shares Chicken ABCs to grill smart

Nearly one in six Americans get foodborne illness every year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that risk of foodborne illness ... tags: ChickencookingFarmsfoodfoodborneFostergrill

Chicken and Ground Beef Linked to Higher Foodborne Illnesses

Chicken and ground beef are linked to a higher rate of foodborne illness.If youre feeling adventurous you could try skydiving, running with ... tags: beeffoodborneGeneralgroundillnessNews

Europe's Killer Bacteria

Germany's disease control center has reported a dramatic increase in the number of people infected by an E. coli bacteria outbreak. Health ... tags: bacteriumbanecolieuropeanfoodborneGermanyHamburg

MWV Episode 33 - Food Safety 101

Whether you are making lunch for work, school or a summer picnic, knowing what food to pack and how to prepare it can be the difference ... tags: bacteriacleancolicookingeducationEducation_Higher_Educationfood

CDC Chief: Source of Deadly Listeria in Contaminated Cantaloupes Still Unknown

The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that at least 13 people have died so far from listeria ... tags: administration cantaloupe cdc center for contamination disease disease control

Food Safety- Separate

Video 'Food Safety- Separate' from MultiVuThe Ad Council is joining the U.S. Department of Agricultures Food Safety and Inspection Service, ... tags: boardsCDCconsumercuttingFoodfoodbornefood_poisoning