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Flying cars: Is this the future of transport?

A man from Slovakia has produced a flying car called the Aeromobil, which he hopes will help isolated communities. Report by Nathoom. Like ... tags: aeromobilairportand_finallyflyflying_carfutureitnnews

Flying car of the future

Getting stuck in traffic jams on your commute to work could be a thing of the past in the very near future, according to the inventor of a ... tags: carFlyingFlying_carfutureNew_technologiesSlovakiathe

Flying Car Could Roll (Fly?) Out in 2015

A 'Back to the Future'-style model is still about a decade away, but a light aircraft you can park in your garage and drive to the airport ...

Farewell, Buzz Report. Fare thee well, Lumia 900!

It's the last regular episode of the Buzz Report, after almost seven years. That's gotta be a record. In the news, the Lumia 900, Yahoo ...

Taryn Southern talks to Taryn Southern on the Red Carpet - The Real Cool Club - S03E04

Click to Sub LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST Taryn Southern is on the show to talk about everything sheaposs been up to ... tags: battle_los_angelesblackbox_tvblack_eye_peasbree_essrigethan_newberryflying_carg4tv

Top 10 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

God that would just be so cool Join and today we'll be counting down the top 10 movie gadgets we wish were real. tags: CountdownFilmsFlying_CarGadgetInceptionMen_In_BlackMovie

Anna Mracek Dietrich: a Plane You Can Drive

A flying car -- it's an iconic image of the future. But after 100 years of flight and automotive engineering, no one has really cracked the ... tags: Anna_Mracek_Dietrichdrivingflightflying_carplaneTalk_and_Interview

Acquire for Photoshop Video Walkthrough

Acquire for Photoshop is a recently released iPhone app designed to instantly shoot pictures from your iPhone camera straight into Adobe ... tags: app apple camera flyingcar flyingcarltd iphone ipod

Carplane roadable aircraft concept

Braunschweig, Germany-based Carplane is developing a twin-fuselage roadable aircraft. The Carplane has a wing extension ... tags: aircraft flyingcar raodable theworacleaircraftaviationflyingcar

Vintage Lincoln Commercial 2

Vintage commercial of 1957 Lincoln from Ed Sullivan Show. tags: dramaticallydrive_oneflying_carintersectionrecyclingrevealing

Vintage Lincoln Commercial 3

Vintage commercial of 1957 Lincoln from Ed Sullivan Show. tags: americansfiftiesflying_carlincolnneighbornine_mile