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DJ Flula freestyles celebrity tweets | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

Youtube star DJ Flula returns to spice up some boring celebrity tweets with his own brand of electronichip-hoprap - whatever it is Amanda ... tags: celebrityDAILYDigitalFlulafreestylesOn-DemandOra

Celebrity Tweets Translated by DJ Flula | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

In today's show, our resident 'Celebrity Tweet Translator' DJ Flula explains what those celebrities really meant with their tweets. tags: CelebrityDAILYDigitalFlulaOn-DemandOraREHASH

Pot, You Are Racist To Kettle. (6:32am)

I did tell my 'Friend' DJ Ring-Go that his song was bad, and then he did say this rude Thing to me. Follow Flula Hier // ... tags: africanafrican-americanamericanblackborgcallcalling

Flula Explores Zappa

I did explore Frank Zappa, a Musician who is very great. Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula ... tags: angelesareborgbreadancindancingdinah

What Is Valentine Day For You? (Street Talks with Flula)

I did have Five on Feb 13 and did ask People What Is Valentine Day For You Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // ... tags: borgdancedayerlangenflulagermanyHappy

I Miss You Whitney, And Am Also Sad I Cannot Now Ask You Questions

I love your music very much Whitney Houston, but I do wish I could ask to you some questions about your excellent 'tunes.' Follow Flula ... tags: amazingborgdanceerlangenexhaleflulagerman

Specific Love Song by Flula [HD]

Everyone Is Needing A Song Specific For Them. So I Did Write This Especial For You Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // ... tags: bookdayfavoriteflulafoodhappyheart

Bark Up Some Trees: I Will Not Do It. (7:11a)

I am sorry, but I will absolute not 'bark' up the 'trees.' Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula ... tags: barkbarkingborgdanceDJdogerlangen

Bees Knees, No Thank You (8:11a)

I do not want to be some bees knees. Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula Shop // tags: beebeesbieneborgbumbledumpstererlangen

Cactus Jazzing! - I Have Ten Minutes (Tell Me What To Do)

I was in Arizona with College Battle and did have some Good Adventure with Cactus Spezies For More Info on College Battle please go to ... tags: arizonaarmstrongborgcactusdancedavisdeutschland