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Study: Testosterone Might Make Men More Likely To Get Flu

Researchers at Stanford University now say men with higher levels of testosterone produce lower numbers of antibodies in response to the ... tags: fluflu_shotgeneshealth_newsimmune_responsemenstanford_university

Walgreens mistakenly sends out some customers' health information

Walgreens is apologizing for mistakenly sending some customers' personal health information to the wrong people in Wisconsin. tags: database_update_errorflu_shotimmunization_recordpatient_confidentialityWalgreens_customersWisconsin_personal_health_information

CDC Says Not Enough People Getting Flu Vaccine

About 45 percent of all Americans got the vaccine, but the CDC says there are still too many people who aren't getting a flu shot.

Common Cold & Flu Treatments

Stuffy nose, sore throat, persistent cough...ugh, it's the flu Let's look at some common home remedies that can help. tags: chicken_soupcoldcold_medicationscold_treatmentscold_virusfluflu_shot

Flu Season Here, Latest Start in Decades

Health officials say flu season is finally here, the latest the season has started in nearly 25 years. tags: fluflu_2012flu_researchflu_seasonflu_shotflu_symptomsflu_vaccine

Who Should Get the Flu Shot

Find out who should get the flu shot, and how exercise can boost the power of the vaccine. tags: AfterDr._Travis_StorkEffectivenessFluflu_preventionflu_shotflu_vaccine

How Weight Affects the Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how your weight can affect the efficacy of the flu vaccine. tags: AffectsDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Travis_StorkEffectivenessFlufluHowflu_prevention

The Patch Flu Vaccination

What if your next flu shot looked like a Band-Aid See what researchers are doing to take the sting out of vaccines. tags: fighting_the_fluFluflu_patch_vaccineflu_preventionflu_protectionflu_shotflu_vaccine

Benefits of the Flu Patch

Get the benefits of the flu shot without getting pricked. Learn how you can fight the virus with a patch tags: BenefitsFluflu_patchflu_shotflu_vaccineHealth_Cold_FluPatch

All About Flu Shots

Find out what you need to know this season about the flu and available vaccinations. tags: AboutAllFluflu_shotflu_vaccineHealth_Cold_FluSeasonal

Flu Vaccine FAQs

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States and Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory ... tags: Dr._Anne_Schuchatfluflu_shotflu_shotsflu_vaccineFlu_Vaccine_FAQsh1n1_shots