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Flu Prevention Videos by Popular

Cellphones keep you in touch with germs

We wash our hands and cover our mouths to prevent catching colds and the flu. But something we use daily can also spread germs and viruses. ... tags: Baltimore_health_issuescleaning_cellphonecold_preventioncontagious_diseaseflu_preventionviral_infection

Who Should Get the Flu Shot

Find out who should get the flu shot, and how exercise can boost the power of the vaccine. tags: AfterDr._Travis_StorkEffectivenessFluflu_preventionflu_shotflu_vaccine

How Weight Affects the Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how your weight can affect the efficacy of the flu vaccine. tags: AffectsDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Travis_StorkEffectivenessFlufluHowflu_prevention

The Patch Flu Vaccination

What if your next flu shot looked like a Band-Aid See what researchers are doing to take the sting out of vaccines. tags: fighting_the_fluFluflu_patch_vaccineflu_preventionflu_protectionflu_shotflu_vaccine

Preventing Colds and Influenza

Dr. Russell Greenfield shares tips to avoid catching a cold or the flu and stay healthy all year long. tags: AndAvoidColdColdsCold_Free_Wintercold_preventionDr._Russell_Greenfield

Flu Questions and Answers

Flu season is just around the corner, and The Doctors take questions about the unpredictable, ever-mutating illness. tags: AnswersFluFlu_PredictionsFlu_Prevalenceflu_preventionflu_symptomsFlu_Vaccinations

Hand Washing Technique to Prevent Cold and Flu

Washing your hands may not seem like a big deal, but it plays a huge part in preventing the spread of common illnesses. ... tags: Coldcold_preventionFluflu_preventionHandhand_washing_benefitshand_washing_technique

The Band-Aid Flu Vaccination

What if your next flu shot looked like a Band-Aid See the way researchers are working on to take the sting out of vaccines. tags: Band-AidFluflu_fighting_methodsflu_preventionflu_shot_alternativeflu_vaccinationflu_vaccine_bandaid

Tips for Fighting Cold and Flu

Its the dreaded cold and flu season but there are simple things you can do to avoid it, Dr. Yael Halaas, ear, nose and throat specialist ... tags: AvoidColdCold_Season_TipsDr._Yael_HalaasFightingFluflu_prevention