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Hanging out on the grass with me and the nasturium with my birds!

It's springtime and were enjoying Chili gets real nervous with overhead noises. All five birds were taking bath but I focused on Chili ... tags: billbluecockatooducorpsflightedgalahgreat

Ronnie targeting to ball!

She's so much fun She is learning to target to ball and come back to hand. Got alittle excited both of us tags: cockatooflightedgalahparrottargeting

Ronnie what is it?

I love watching Ronnie think on this one LOL tags: cockatooflightedgalahparrotrosebreasted

Chili is learning to dance!

Awh were having fun slenderbill cockatoo parrot flighted dance Added April 16, 2009 tags: cockatoodanceflightedparrotslenderbill

Barbeque! Kids! Birds! Aviary!

Some of my family came over for a barbeque and I shared the birds The kids had a great time and begged to go back in the aviary. They did ... tags: aviarybillbluecockatooducorpsflightedgalah

Chili is hop/flying to the hand!

Chili slenderbill had never fledged. He turned two years old April 1st April 6th I film hop/flies to the hand. We have been working on ... tags: aviarycockatoofledgedflightedparrotrecallslenderbill

Chili's birthday day!

A few moments with Chili on his birthday April 1st he turned 2 years old slenderbill cockatoo parrot flighted growing out ... tags: clipcockatooflightedgrowingoutparrotslenderbill

Tofu and Peaches hanging out

Oh my I am finding some video's that are old. December 2007 moluccan mutilator cockatoo aviary flighted Added March ... tags: aviarycockatooflightedmoluccanmutilator

Peaches the swing and Daphne!

I have been dedicated to Peaches M2 and working on her plucking that she started after 8 years. Before that it was just Tofu M2 and her and ... tags: cockatooducorpsflightedmoluccanparrotplucker

Chili says it's my toy Ronnie!

Chili slenderbill and Ronnie galah kiss and make up after Chili scolds Ronnie for trying to play with his toy slenderbill ... tags: cockatooflightedgalahparrotslenderbill

Chili and Fred go to the aviary together for the first time!

Chili and Fred are not buddies and this is the first time in a long time Fred has been out in aviary. Never know about him ... tags: aviarybarecockatooeyedflightedparrotslenderbill

Phil wants the plants!

Phil philippine blue nape parrot is in aviary with the others today. They all love there plants I had a handfull I had brought in and Phil ... tags: aviarybluecockatooflightednapeparrotphilippine