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Fine Art Videos - 4 by Popular

German-Jewish Heritage in the US | Arts.21

In our series 'Traces of the Past', Arts.21 reporters travel the globe searching for the legacy left in different countries by German Jews. ... tags: artsarts_21berlinbe_rooteddeutsche_wellefine_artgerman-jewish_heritage

Portugal's German-Jewish Heritage | Arts.21

For many Jews fleeing the Nazis, Portugal was a way station on the route to a new life and freedom. The few who remained there often did so ... tags: artsarts_21berlindeutsche_wellefine_artgerman-jewish_heritagenazis

Déjà Vu - Art, Artifice and Avarice | In Focus

Dj Vu - Art, Artifice and Avarice In the aftermath of the banking crisis more and more investors are putting their money in paintings or ... tags: Artificeart_marketAvaricebanking_crisisdeutsche_welleexcellent_forgeriesFine_Art

Traces of the Past - Learning Yiddish in Vilnius | Arts.21

Yiddish used to be widely spoken in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. For centuries, it was a European center of Jewish culture. Before ... tags: artsarts_21deutsche_wellefine_artjewish_culturenazivilnius

Traces of the Past: German-Jewish Culture in Turkey | Arts.21

In the 1930s, Turkey as the refuge for many persecuted European Jews. Artists and intellectuals, in particular, found safety from the Nazis ... tags: anti-semitismartsarts_21deutsche_welleeuropefine_artjews

High Altar - New Reading Room in Berlin | Arts.21

A 'High Alter of Reading' - that's what the new central reading room at the Berlin State Library is being called. A cube, flooded with ... tags: architectureartsarts_21berlin_state_librarydeutsche_wellefine_arthg_merz

Traces of the Past: China | Arts.21

Shanghai provided a lifeline for about 18,000 German Jews in the 1930s. But those rescued were soon in danger once again, when the Japanese ... tags: artsarts_21chinadeutsche_wellefine_artgermanjapanese

Hamburg - Sprucing up a run-down district | Arts.21

Like all cities, Hamburg has its troubled districts. One of them is Wilhelmsburg, located directly across from the trendy new Hafencity ... tags: artsarts_21deutsche_wellefine_arthafencityhamburgiba

"The Refugees" - Asylum Seekers on Tour | Arts.21

The members of The Refugees come from Afghanistan and Africa, and are waiting for permission to stay in Germany permanently. They're also ... tags: artsarts_21asylumconcertdeutsche_wellefine_artmusicians

Colombia: Dancing to Escape Poverty | Arts.21

The Colombian city of Cartagena boasts delightful beaches and UNESCO world heritage status. But behind the gloss lie the slums. In 1997, ... tags: artsarts_21cartagenacolegio_del_cuerpocolombiadeutsche_wellefine_art

Comics for India - Made in Berlin | Arts.21

Sarnath Banerjee from India paints a very different picture of Berlin for his readers back home. He produces comic strips on life in the ... tags: artsarts_21banerjeeberlincomicsdeutsche_wellefine_art

In New Glory - The Lenbachhaus in Munich | Arts.21

It has taken four years to renovate and remodel the Lenbachhaus museum in Munich. Under the direction of British architect Norman Foster ... tags: artsarts_21deutsche_wellefine_artlenbachhausmodern_artmunich