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Joint law enforcement efforts prove successful in Boston hunt

Federal, State and local authorities launched a joint investigation that came to a triumphant conclusion in Watertown, Mass and serves as ...

U.S. marathon security: How will it change?

Jean Knaack, the Executive Director of the Road Runners Club of America, talks to 'CBS This Morning Saturday' about how race organizers ...

Social media manhunt: Did the internet help or harm Boston investigation?

CNET senior editor, Dan Ackerman, joins in the CBS 'This Morning' in studio to talk about whether the role the internet and social media ...

Faces of Boston attack: Remembering the victims

Finding the people responsible for a week of horror and violence is finally over, and the city turns their attention n to the victims of ...

Moving ahead with Boston bombing investigation

After a week of terror fear, inspiration and heroism, a new chapter opens up in the Boston Marathon bombing case -- a chapter full of ...

Bombing suspect's uncle: "He put a shame on the family"

Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers, attracted a great deal of attention with his outspoken remarks about his nephews and their ...

Terror motive: Profiling the Boston bombers

Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole and former FBI assistant director John Miller join 'CBS This Morning Saturday' to provide a criminal ...

Lessons to be learned from Boston attacks

Martha Teichner takes a look at the lessons to be learned from the bombings in Boston and the important role social media played in the ...

21st century detective work

How did authorities zero in on the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the sea of faces captured in video and photos Police Commissioner ...

60 Minutes: The Boston Bombings

The inside story of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation Scott Pelley interviews Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Mass. Gov. Patrick: "Stay indoor" request still in effect

CBS News Special Report During a recent press conference, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick gives the latest in the hunt for Boston ...

Boston officials speak on bombing suspect capture

CBS News Special Report Massachusetts police and public officials give a press conference following the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev - the ...