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Final Fantasy IX - Credits

And to finish things up, here are the ending credits to the game. I was going to skip this, but I figured why not. Maybe some of you like ... tags: 047BizkitCreditsEndingFantasyFFIXFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Zidane's Depression (Scenes & Battles)

After having learned who he really is the previous video, Zidane falls into a major depression which is shown in this video. It is actually ... tags: 047 Alone Bizkit Depression Fantasy FFIX IX

Final Fantasy IX - Silver Dragon & Garland (Final Bosses of Disc 3, Part 1)

Fight Start 102 Fight End 615 After waltzing through the dungeon, you are put up in a string of boss fights that finish up this disc. They ... tags: 047 and Bizkit Boss Disc Dragon Fantasy

Final Fantasy IX - Kuja (Final Boss of Disc 3, Part 2)

It's finally time to take on Kuja and defeat him. The end of this fight before the fight ends, not after happens to be one of the most ... tags: 047 Bizkit Boss Destruction Fantasy FFIX Fight

Final Fantasy IX - Guardians of Terra (Boss & Scenes)

The crew decides that they have to travel to the 'planet' Terra to go take out Kuja, where he is from. They find out from Ipsen's Castle ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Zidane's Origin (Scene)

There is no fight in this video, but it's a rather incredibly important part of the story if you're to understand the next video I'm ... tags: 047BizkitFantasyFFIXFinalGarlandIX

Final Fantasy IX - Mog's Trance & Meltigemini (Scenes & Boss)

I consider this a pretty epic part of the game, and also pretty important bunch of scenes that explains a lot of what Kuja intends to do ... tags: 047 and Bizkit Boss Fantasy FFIX Fight

Final Fantasy IX - Bahamut Vs Alexander (Scenes)

More bad ass scenes with a couple of the most memorable scenes in the game and entire series. I cut out some of the small in between stuff. ... tags: 047 Alexander Bahamut Bizkit Boss Fantasy FFIX

Final Fantasy IX - Tantarian (Optional Boss)

I know some of you are still anxious for KHBBS hacked fights, but please be patient, it'll be a few weeks while I start making them. In the ... tags: 047 Bizkit Boss Fantasy FFIX Fight IX

Final Fantasy IX - Kuja Vs Bahamut (End of Disc 2)

There is no boss fight in this video, just a bunch of awesome scenes, some of which are the best in the game. I thought about cutting out a ... tags: and Bahamut Brahnne Disc End Fantasy FFIX

Final Fantasy IX - Soulcage (Final Boss of Disc 2)

A lot has happened since the last video in the game, and their journey has lead them to the bottom of the Iifa Tree. Plot So way back after ... tags: 047 Bizkit Boss Disc Fantasy FFIX Fight

Final Fantasy IX - Beatrix's Betrayal (Boss & Scenes)

This is the 3rd and final Beatrix fight in the game. Plot In the previous video, you saw the Queen say she was going to execute Dagger ... tags: Beatrix Beatrixs Betrayal Boss Fantasy FFIX Fight