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FFIX - Ending Theme

La musique de fin de Final Fantasy IX adapte pour piano. tags: endingfantasyffixfinalmusiquepianoschlagavuk

Final Fantasy IX - Escaping Terra (End of Disc 3)

Now that Kuja started destroying Terra and all the pillars are about to collapse, the group needs to escape as fast as possible. Plot ... tags: 047BizkitEscapingFantasyFFIXFinalIX

Final Fantasy IX - Entering Memoria & Nova Dragon (Scene & Boss)

At the beginning of Disc 4 you're already given the opportunity to enter the final dungeon right away. And doing so triggers one of the ... tags: 047BizkitBossDragonEnteringFantasyFFIX

Final Fantasy IX - Hades (Optional Boss)

Hades is an optional boss in the final dungeon. He's rather difficult to find, so it's not like you'll accidentally run into him most ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Ozma (Last Optional Boss)

This bastard is the hardest boss in the game, and is of course optional. In fact, it's quite time consuming to even be able to get to him. ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Deathguise (Final Boss, Part 1)

Now it's finally time to take on the final boss fights. Up first is Deathguise, who Kuja sends at you to fight for him. Some people don't ... tags: 047BizkitBossDeathguiseFantasyFFIXFight

Final Fantasy IX - Trance Kuja (Final Boss, Part 2)

At last, it's time to finally end Kuja once and for all in an epic fight against his Trance form. Plot Nothing new since last video. ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Necron (Final Boss, Part 3)

This is the true final boss fight in the game. And he is one tough final boss if you take him even the slightest bit lightly. Fight Start ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Ending

Here you have the ending to the game, which occurs directly after the end of the last video. It's rather long, but it's still good IMO. It ... tags: 047BizkitEndingFantasyFFIXFinalIX