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Ff4 Videos - 7 by Popular

Final Fantasy IV Part 16: King Nothing

We make it to the end of the Dark Elf's cave, but things don't quite go the way we planned. tags: armor commentary crystal dark earth elf fantasy

Final Fantasy IV Part 15: Toroia Dog Night

Watch out for me SCREAMING a Three Dog Night song early in, completely ruining the nice theme that plays at Toroia. Later we visit a ... tags: bullfrog cave commentary dark echoer edward elf

Final Fantasy IV Part 14: Sightseeing

Now that we have Cid's airship, we are free to explore the planet. tags: agalt agart airship baron cecil cid commentary

Final Fantasy IV Part 13: Quake-Up Call

Thanks to our good pal Palom, we get to rape a few bosses before some more tragedy strikes. Man, I forgot how brutal this game was. tags: airship baron cagnazzo cain cecil cid commentary

Final Fantasy IV Part 12: The Boringest Dungeon Ever

We sneak through the sewers or whatever on our way to get back into Baron. tags: aquaworm armor cecil commentary fantasy ff4 ffiv

Final Fantasy IV Part 11: Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Back to Baron we go, only to get assaulted by a former party member. What's with these people tags: baron castle cecil commentary dark evil fantasy

Final Fantasy IV Part 7: Hopeless

We try to defend Fabul and fail, yet everyone says we succeeded. Huh tags: airships attack baron cain cecil commentary crystal