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Final Fantasy IV Part 27: The Unforgettable Fire

Meeting with the hot-headed Prince of Eblana, just in time to see him get wrecked by Rubicante. tags: babil Capri commentary eblana edge fantasy ff4

Final Fantasy IV Part 28: Moment Of Surrender

We meet up with Edge's parents, but it's far too late. Chibinekodemyx's channel tags: babil cain Capri cecil commentary dad edge

Final Fantasy IV Part 26: Eblana No Wanna

Seems another castle got destroyed while we were off getting our butts killed. tags: babel bio castle cecil cid commentary eblana

Final Fantasy IV Part 21: Some Kind Of Monster

I've been waiting all my life to pull this one. The auto-tuner I used is online in the form of a flash game, here tags: battle black boss calcabrena castle cecil cid

Final Fantasy IV Part 23: It's Not Easy Being Green

As we head to the tower, I get to babbling again about some of my weird stories about when I was in love with Rydia. Jeez. tags: babel Capri castle cecil commentary dwarf fantasy

Final Fantasy IV Part 24: Luigi Brown

Ya know, IN THE BATHROOM. No but seriously, what is this guy's beef anyway tags: babel boss cain Capri cecil commentary doctor

Final Fantasy IV Part 19: Hey Magus Sisters

After revisiting Gilbert, we magically warp our way back to the top of the Tower of Zot to take on the Magus Sisters. Then a bunch of ... tags: cain cecil cid cin commentary fantasy ff4

Final Fantasy IV Part 18: Nothing Else Matters

Heading up the Tower of Zot. I'll get back out in the next episode to talk to Gilbert since I stupidly forgot to do that before going up ... tags: commentaryfantasyff4ffivfinalFinal Fantasy IVfire