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Ff4 Videos - 4 by Popular

Final Fantasy IV Part 48: Let's Plague

Keeping in all the battles since it takes no time at all to reach the next save point. Then we take on a really tough boss for the Holy ... tags: battlebosscaincecilcommentaryedgefantasy

Final Fantasy IV Part 49: Ogopogo

At last we make it to the end of the final dungeon, only to cliffhang because hey, that's what we do. tags: areacaincecilcommentarydarkdragonsdungeon

Final Fantasy IV Part 50: FINALE

We fight the final boss, seize the day, get married, and watch one of the moons go its own way. tags: bahamutbaronbattlebosscaincecilcid

Final Fantasy IV Bonus Episode 1

My first shot at Zeromus, failing big time. This is how much of a difference there is without Slow cast on him. tags: battledeaddohdyingfailfantasyff4

Final Fantasy IV Part 44: Maelstrom'd To Death

Running into a snag early in the final dungeon against one of the 'mini' bosses. tags: cainCapricecilclawcommentarydragondungeon

Final Fantasy IV Part 42: No More Exploding Toilets

We finally disband The Assholes once and for all, and some of us go for the source while others stick behind to pick up some side quests we ... tags: airshipbigcainCapricecilcommentaryedge

Final Fantasy IV Part 41: Can't Beat My Balls

Against the power source of the robot, my Avenger strategy gets the better of me. tags: babilCapricecilcommentaryfantasyff4ffiv

Final Fantasy IV Part 31: Monsters Inc.

Heading into the Phantom World for the time, and actually surviving this time. tags: ashuraasuraCapricecilcommentaryedgefantasy