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Has the Higgs Boson Finally Been Found? The World Waits for News from CERN

This could be a huge week for the scientific world.Physicists at a U.S. laboratory claim to have come extremely close to proving the ... tags: bosoncernfermilabgodhiggsparticle

Kontroverza u vezi sa neutrinom

Naunici u laboratoriji CERN, u enevi, nedavno su objavili da su registrovali subatomsku esticu zvanu neutrino koja se kretala bre od ... tags: Ajntajn CERN eneva fermilab Glas Amerike neutrino Otvoreni

The LHC and Alex's Survey

In which Hank takes Alex Day's survey and talks about his interview this morning with Joe Incandela of the CMS experiment at the Large ... tags: answers bosons cern fermilab higgs boson joe incandela large hadron coillider

US Retires Its Pioneering Tevatron Atom-Smasher

A 26-year search for the keys to understanding the universe has come to an end at the US Department of Energy's Fermilab in suburban ... tags: Atom-Smasher Chicago Energy Department Farabaugh Fermilab news Sivak

Tevatron's Last Smash

The United States' biggest particle collider powered down Friday, after 28 years studying the universe. tags: fermilabHealthhiggs_bosontevatrontevatron_collidertevatron_particle_acceleratortevatron_shutdown

L'Lhc in 10 minuti

Un'introduzione - in 10 minuti - agli esperimenti dell'acceleratore Lhc e alla teoria della supersimmetria. Il video risale al 2008, poco ... tags: bosone di fermilab focusitvideo higgs lhc modello

Dueling Physics at Fermilab

One Fermilab teams says they've found a new particle. Another team says, 'Not so fast.' tags: big_dancebig_splashbudget_cutscdfclouddatadzero

What is Antimatter?

Fermilab physicist, Dr. Christopher Hill discusses the what antimatter is during his Lecture on Symmetry at Fermilab's Saturday Morning ... tags: antimatterchistopherfermilabhillmorningphysicssaturday

Has Everything Gone Retro? - Epic Fu

It seems like everything old is new again. This week we check out retro hipster fashion tips, see some sexy retro people, avoid a retro ... tags: 1000_journalsdambustersdarknetdark_mattterdipityfermilabjames_jean

Star Wars Forgotten Realm Making Of Episode 3

Sun, 07 Jun 2009 083330 -0800Another episode of the making of Star Wars Forgotten Realm, the first feature length star wars fan film. This ... tags: fanfeaturefermilabfilmforgottenlengthrealm