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Food Safety During Power Outages

The winter of 2014 is in its early stages, and yet many parts of the country are already experiencing extreme weather conditions and power ... tags: consumerFDAfoodfreezerMultiVuMultiVu_64318outages

Calorie Counts Coming To Vending Machines Across U.S.

As part of Obamacare, the new rule will let you know just exactly how bad that candy bar or bag of chips actually is for you. tags: affordable_care_actCalorie_countFDAhealth_newsobamacaresnacksvending_machine

Top Tech Fails of 2013

Yahoo Mails new Gmail-esque Layout Unpopular with Users. iPhone 5S Sells Dud Batteries. The Tesla is on Fire Literally Medtronic Devices ... tags: AppleBiebsBlackberryElon_MuskFDAFood_and_Drug_AdministrationGmail

Testing your genetic makeup -- from home

The company 23AndMe says that its 'Personal Genome Service' can detect more than 240 genetic conditions and traits, but the FDA says the ... tags: 23andmeFDAgenetic_testingvideo

Why the FDA cracked down on 23andMe

Dr. Robert Klitzman, of Columbia Universityaposs Masters in Bioethics Program, discusses the stiff backlash that direct-to-consumer genetic ... tags: #postback23AndMe@background@posttvfdagenetic_testsnational

What genetic testing can't tell you

Start-up 23andMe generated major attention with its personal genomics tests. Dr. Robert Klitzman, of Columbia Universityaposs Masters in ... tags: #postback23AndMe@background@posttvfdagenetic_testsnational

Can 23andMe earn FDA approval?

Start-up 23andMe is in the process of getting FDA approval for their genome test. The company thinks FDA approval is inevitable, but ... tags: #postback23AndMe@background@posttvfdagenetic_testsnational

HYPERACTIVE ERECTIONS: Attention Deficit Drugs Can Cause Long and Painful Arousal

Attention Deficit medicines such as Ritalin are causing long and painful erections in males ages 8 to 33. According to the FDA, labels will ... tags: adhdalyssa_caverelyattention_deficitbonerboyserectionfda

FDA Approves First Magnetic Migraine Treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a new magnetic device, known as a Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. tags: Cerenaeneuraeneura_TMSFDAMagneticmigrainesmigraines_FDA

Californians Souring On ObamaCare

While politicians in Washington are hailing California's exchange as proof of the law's success, voters in California don't seem to ... tags: ActAffordableandCaliforniaDeliveryof_CareFDAHealth_care_reform_in_the_United_States

Flashy Addition to iPhone

FDA Strands 23andMe DNA Website. Microsoft Vows to Protect Consumers Against NSA. Taggar App Enhances Reality. NASA To Grow Turnips on the ... tags: 23andDNAFDAgrowthIphoneLightstrap

FDA Halts Marketing Of 23andMe's Genetic Test Kits

The agency accused the company of marketing their testing kits as a medical service while failing to back up their product's claims. tags: dna_testingfdafood_and_drug_administrationgeneticsgenetic_testinggene_testinggoogle