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Columbine Shooting: Evan Long on Ghosts of the Republic 2010 11 03

Video 'Columbine Shooting Evan Long on Ghosts of the Republic 2010 11 03' from Evan - -\n ... tags: 9_11antidepressantbig_pharmabrian_sargentbullyingchris_morriscolumbine

Columbine Shooting Witnesses Speak Out

Thu, 19 Aug 2010 113612 -0800As you can see in this media interview from 20 April 1999 with Columbine High School sophomore Chris Wisher, ... tags: brianbrian_sargentchiseledchiseled_face_shooterchrischris_morrischris_wisher

BP Oil Volcano- Cloud of Death followed by Tsunami Traveling at 400-600 MPH 1-2

According to Richard C. Hoagland, insider sources in BP and in U.S. Government say that there is a Gas Bubble 15-20 Miles across 10+ feet ... tags: Agenda_21Benzene_aerosol_sprayingbiological_weaponsbiowarfarechemical_weaponschemtrailsconspiracy

What would Bob Bowman do? Part 1

Dr. Robert M. Bowman shatters the left/right paradigm by discussing everything from the 9/11 cover up to the global elite's control over ... tags: 911alex_jonesBarack_Obamabill_clintonBob_BowmanChicagodemocrats

Webster Tarpley: 'Virtual flag terrorism' is next threat

Cyber wars and cyber security are no longer fictional plots from science fiction movies. They are very real and very serious concerns for ... tags: cyberwarscyber_warfarefalse_flag_terrorismGoogle_in_ChinahackersNewsWebster_Tarpley

Bird Flu Distributed by Dept of Homeland Security

quotMaryquot, caller to the Power Hour on March 30, 2009, gives many details that the Dept of Homeland Security is transporting and ... tags: Alex_Jonesavian_fluBank_of_AmericaBird_fluchemtrailsEastern_Connectionfalse_flag_terrorism