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Fall Asleep Videos by Popular

A fat guy destroys his computer falling asleep... So funny!!!

So funny.. EPIC FAIL of this fat dude falling asleep.. and breaking his own computer. ahahaha tags: breakcomputerdudeepic_failFall_Asleepfatfunny

Jars Of Clay - Fall Asleep

Jars of Clay shot 'Fall Asleep' in the Philippines by Luis Tabuena in Manila and stars Filipino model and actress Rhian Ramos. tags: ChristianFall_AsleepJars_Of_Claymusic_videoNashville

VIOLENT CAR CRASH! Driver falls asleep at wheel

The driver falls asleep and you can see the car hit the safety railing and loose control then he strikes another car. Violent car crash.

Falling Asleep On A Train! AIE... FAIL

The poor guy... He is sleeping standing up against th dtrain door. And the train door opens. It hurts aiieee

Sleepy Baby Bunny in a Hand!! So cute!

This is a 2 week old Holland Lop bunny, Sean Jr. He loves to just relax in hands and fall asleep. So cute little baby animal

Flutist Lulls Hibernating Bear Back To Sleep

After discovering a restless brown bear behind one of their cabins, one musician decided she would act as Sand Man, and lull the great ...

Understanding Sleep

All rest is not created equal While sleeping, your body goes through several sleep cycles, including both rapid eye movement REM and ... tags: can_t_sleepdietdreamingdreamsfall_asleepfatigueinsomnia

Treating Sleep Disorders

For people suffering from a sleep disorder, sleepless nights are too common. Fortunately, there are effective insomnia treatment options ... tags: acute_insomniaclinicsfall_asleephelp_with_insomniainsomniainsomnia_treatmentprescription_medication

How To Fall Asleep

To fall asleep, you must think about your diet, liberate your stresses, exercise at least half an hour everyday, plan your errands and ... tags: coffeedietexercisefalling_asleepfall_asleepHealthhow_to_fall_asleep

Train Yourself to Sleep Deep

You're at work, but you'd kill for a nap. Sound familiar If you're not sleeping at night, you're going to be tired during the day, which ... tags: deep_sleepenergyfall_asleepfatiguenapofficepower_napping

Common Sleep Disorders

Twenty-five percent of Americans suffer from a sleep disorder that keeps them tossing and turning on a regular basis. Learn more about ... tags: acute_insomniacan_t_sleepdreamingdreamsdrowsyfall_asleepfatigue