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Eyecare Videos - 3 by Popular

Swamp of the Lost Monsters

Dr. Jason Goldsmith discusses the movie Swamp of the Lost Monsters, what you can eat to improve your vision and careers in eye care. tags: Arts_EntertainmentcareerEducationeye_carejason_goldsmithlostmonsters

Just a Show Radio Unscripted Ep#6.5

Just a Show Radio Unscripted Ep6.5 - Random, unscripted banter to get you through the week. tags: 2009actorAdam_HinikerArtsArts_Performing_Artsbabybabysitting

Eye Care for Adults of All Ages

According to the American Optometric Association almost half of Americans say that eyesight is the sense they worry most about losing. Age ... tags: cataractsDr._Elise_BriscoEye_Careglaucomalosing_sightOptometristPeople

Are bad habits putting your eye health at risk

More than 40 million Americans use contact lenses to improve their vision but a new survey from the American Optometric Association reveals ... tags: childrencontactcontact_lenscontact_lens_hygienecontact_lens_safetydisposable_lensesdry_eye_syndrome

Just a Show: Episode #56 – The Lasik Spectacular

On this episode 8211 Hittin the Pavement Keith talks eyecare. Guest From North Suburban Eye Specialists, Dr. Mark Lobanoff. Keith gets ... tags: comedyentertainmentEpisodeseyeeyecareglassesguest

John Patrick Shanley Gets Involved for World Glaucoma Week

Thu, 11 Mar 2010 145446 -0800March 7-13th is World Glaucoma Week. Throughout this week people are encouraged to learn about eye health and ... tags: careeyeeyeseye_careeye_healthglaucomaglaucoma_week

roanoke pixeloptics lens lenses 20/20 20-20 20 20 composite lens Blum Ron Blum electro vision vision care eyewear eyecare eye wear eye ... tags: "20"composite"eye"Ron"vision20"20-20

Corrective Laser Surgery and Cataracts

Can you get corrective laser eye surgery and cataract removal surgery in one visit to the Opthamologist Learn more in this video. tags: cataractCataractsCorrectivecorrective_eye_surgeryeye_careeye_healthHealth_General_Health

What is Legal Blindness

What does it mean to be legally blind, and what is the criteria used to define legal blindness Dr. Muriel Schornack, OD at Mayo Clinic, ... tags: blindBlindnesseye_careeye_healthHealth_Conditions_IllnessesLegallegally_blind

How to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

What is dry eye syndrome, and how can it be treated Dr. Muriel Schornack, OD at Mayo Clinic, answers. tags: Drydry_eyesdry_eye_syndromeEyeeye_careeye_healthHealth_Conditions_Illnesses

What is 20/20 Vision?

What is 20/20 vision, and what is the criteria for having 20/20 vision Dr. Muriel Schornack, OD at Mayo Clinic, answers. tags: 20_2020_20_visioneye_careeye_healthHealth_General_Healthmuriel_schornacknormal_vision