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Best Device To Store Content On Flashdrive, SD Card or External Harddrive - Tech Review

This is not an affiliate link I found that using an external hard-drive is best when backing up anything...i say it even beats the cloud. tags: BestCardContentDeviceExternalFlashdriveHarddrive

Make an external hard drive

Give your old hard drives a new lease on life. Sharon Vaknin shows you how a drive from an old laptop or desktop can be repurposed for use ...

PS4 Blocks Recording Gameplay!?! - End of Playstation on Youtube?

Will the Playstation 4 Block External Capture Devices The End of PS4 on Youtube VGN - Twitter Facebook Google + The Red Dragon BattleStrats ...

Lacie Little Big Disk 240GB External Thunderbolt Storage Drive Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

CA more time I spend benchmarking and playing with Thunderbolt, the more impressed I am. It rocks, and having high speed storage at the ... tags: BigDiskExternalExtremeHighLacieLittle

Seagate Backup Plus for Mac External Desktop Hard Drive Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

CA has a whole new lineup of external drives with their new Backup Plus software. Find out more in the video, and gets yours today at the ... tags: BackupDesktopDriveExternalforHardMac

Seagate Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive for PC Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

External storage with Facebook backup in addition to all the other stuff it doesCA tags: BackupDriveExternalFirstforHardPlus

[STS-135] External Tank Scanned and Engine Valve Work

On June 20, technicians continued taking Computed Radiography CR X-ray scans of 50 support beams, called stringers, on space shuttle ... tags: 135atlantisexternalscanshuttlespacests

[STS-134] External Tank Launch Replay

Space Shuttle Endeavour successfully launched for her final time on schedule at 856 Local, 1256 UTC from Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad ... tags: 134720pExternallaunchlaunchedReplaysts

[STS-133] Tile Damage & Foam Loss

Video showing the minor tile damage Discovery suffered during launch prep, and also foam loss that occured from the TPS on the External ... tags: 720PDamagediscoveryexternalFoamLossminor

[STS-135] External Tank Mated With Solid Rocket Boosters

In the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, technicians attached the external fuel tank and two solid ... tags: 135atlantisexternalshuttlesolidspacests

[STS-133] External Tank Launch Reply

Replay of STS-133's launch through the External Tank Camera. tags: 720pExternalReplaySTS133Tank

[STS-135] External Tank Launch Replay

The Launch of STS-135, The final ever Shuttle Mission through the camera on the orange External Tank. tags: 135atlantisexternallaunchshuttlespacests